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~ Spooky Season ~
  • From Kadima to USY: A Journey by Devorah Freeman
  • Getting to Lead a Service by Avi Scheinberg
  • Torah Aura by Sara Klemow
  • REB Member Update by Ben Topol
  • Words with Seaboard
  • Upcoming Events
From Kadima to USY: A Journey
By: Devorah Freeman, Olam Tikvah USY
Class of 2023
Hey Seaboard! My name is Devorah Freeman and I am a freshman in USY. My first ever USY event was only this past Spring Convention, and I was kind of nervous about it and the transition from Kadima to USY. While I did have my friends from Kadima by my side, I was worried some of them might stop going to events or that I would have to meet so many new people by myself. After a whole year of being the oldest grade in Kadima, we would have to go back to being the youngest and newest to USY. However, at Spring Convention, I realized how much fun USY is! We had so much more freedom and many more options for activities. I also learned that it’s fine to be the youngest grade because I have so many older USYers to help me and welcome me in. From having seniors come in and talk to us and have us ask any questions to dancing with the upperclassmen at the dance, everyone at USY made the transition so much easier than I thought it would be. To anyone in the same position that I was in, just know that you have nothing to be worried about, and even if some of your friends do stop coming, there are so many more people to meet and become friends with.
Torah Aura
By: Sara Klemow, Sha'are Torah USY
Class of 2021, STUSY Chapter President, Athletic Chair, Ruach Chair
October may be known to some as “spooky season”, but for us Jews its “Simcha season”—or celebration season! This month was filled with some of our most important holidays. We started the year of 5780 with the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashannah. We heard the sounds of the shofar and ate apples with honey to represent a sweet new year. October 9 (10 Tishrei) was the holiest day of the year, Yom Kippur, when we atoned for our sins and fasted for 25 hours to focus on our intensive prayer. The following week we built our sukkahs for Sukkot, the Feast of Tabernacles, which began on October 14 (15 Tishrei). Immediately after Sukkot, we celebrated Shemini Atzeret, the Eighth Day of Assembly. Lastly, we rejoiced the Torah on October 22 (23 Tishrei) for Simchat Torah. COMM back next issue to read more Jewish highlights!
Getting to Lead a Service
By: Avi Scheinberg, Agudas Achim USY
Class of 2021, AAUSY Chapter President, Fall Convention Co-Chair
Getting to lead a service at USY? More exciting than you think. 

People tend to think that tefilot aren’t very exciting, but deep down, everyone can enjoy them. It’s even more special when you’re the one up there and leading it. I’m not saying that anyone should be forced to lead services when they don’t want to, but if they have the opportunity, I think they should take the chance and go for it!

I got to lead my creative shacharit, Meme Shacharit, at both Spring Convention 2018, and International Convention 2018. What made them special wasn’t getting to lead it, but to see an idea of your own vision of tefilot be an enjoyable experience for so many other USYers. I wanted to make the experience meaningful for everyone. There’s no better feeling in the world than seeing other people smile and applaud the hard work you’ve done, in order to get that reaction. 

Even if you don’t feel comfortable leading a full shacharit, there are still smaller things like meal blessings, but doing anything, still brings a huge sense of satisfaction. And the experience is one of the best feelings you could ask for.
REB Member Update
By: Ben Topol, Beth El Bethesda USY
Class of 2020, 2019-2020 Seaboard Israel Affairs Vice President
Hey Seaboard! I hope everybody has been busy over the course of October, with our days getting back into full swing. I know I have certainly been busy keeping up with the very fast-paced Israeli news cycle. Every week on Seaboard social media pages, a summary of the top Israeli news stories from the previous week is posted. Feel free to check it out: like, comment, and tell your friends about it. It’s a super easy way to keep up with the news in Israel once a week and check out what’s going on.
Another thing I’m working on this year is making myself more available to the region. While still in its early phases of planning, I’m working on piloting a program that would allow anybody to set up times to chat about any burning Israel questions, either in person or online. Additionally, I’m planning on setting up online calls for informal group discussions about Israel. They will be very low-key and cool, and a great way to hang out with Seaboard friends while talking about the Jewish homeland.
In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me either at ia.seaboard@gmail.com or (301) 641-5005.
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Words with Seaboard ~ מילים עם סיבורד
Hebrew word of the month: Word
Word: מַפְחִיד (maf - cheed)
Means: Spooky
Word in COMMtext: October is the most מַפְחִיד month!
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