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"End of Alzheimer's"
I can't endorse the premise of the title of Dr. Bredesen's new book, an "End of Alzheimer's". But I will try to summarize the tips that I think are safe, simple, and don't require medications. I did three blog posts on this topic taken from a podcast with Dr. Rhonda Patrick. His claims are overblown, but there still is value in his research and point of view. Disclaimer! I have only listened to the podcast.

  • Amyloid plaques, the hallmark of Alzheimer's are a mediator, not the cause of Alzheimer's. Medications that have targeted plaques have not worked. But targeting the causes of the plaques and facilitating their clearing, has been shown to be clinically useful.
  • There are several profiles or types of Alzheimer's. Please read this post for summary
  • Inflammation from a number of sources can be to blame
  • Fostering resilience is a key concept (discussion of resilience on the blog here and here and here
  • Sleep is crucial for clearing of plaques and resilience.
  • Omega 3 supplementation for clearing of plaques
  • SMASH fish (Salmon, mackerel, Anchovies, Sardines, Herring) are healthy. Large fish (tuna, shark, swordfish not. Too much mercury)
  • Mild ketosis. This means a low carbohydrate, high fat diet. The brain thrives on ketones. This is not so easy to achieve. If you are interested in this topic, perhaps watch the podcast for more details.
  • Time restricted eating. At least 12 hours fasting, ie. if finish dinner at 7:00 p.m. breakfast should be after 7:00 a.m.. If you are Apoe4 positive (gene correlated with Alzheimer's) you should fast 14 to 16 hours. This provides a short dose of ketosis that helps to clear plaques.
  • Eat at least 3 hours before bed
  • Saunas have many benefits for longevity and brain health. Best is 5 times a week, but even twice a week is helpful.
Rate Increase
I will be increasing rates as of January 1st. If you would like to purchase treatments at current rates, give me a call or send me an email.
Thanks for your ongoing trust in my treatments and ongoing studies!
Neuromodulation and Stress Levels
As readers know, I am exploring use of a simple ear stimulation device to supplement acupuncture treatment for certain conditions. These devices have been in use for quite awhile, but what I add to the story is the heart rate variability (stress )data to accompany their use. In my view, acupuncture has a more profound effect on stress levels, but ear stimulation can help reinforce treatment and allow some additional calming effect.
There was a recent study that showed daily TAVNS (ear stimulation) decreased seizure episodes in epilepsy patients after 3 months of treatment. It reduced seizures even more after 6 months. The data show is from a patient who suffers from PTSD. You can see the decrease in sympathetic activity (flight/flight) over time. He instituted TAVNS (ear stimulation) twice a day since August 2018.
Conditions Treated
Allergies are a focus of my practice
Anxiety/Panic Attacks
Acupuncture is very helpful for Anxiety and Panic Attacks
Migraine patients are a sizable portion of my practice
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