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Books are for learning, not banning
IDRA helped lead the charge this year against classroom censorship across the country. We worked with policymakers to derail proposed policies that harm students. We brought parents and students to the capitol to speak on their own behalf and that of their communities. And we are helping educators make sure that – even under new censorship laws – they can still do their job to ensure equity in education for all students.

Texas’ classroom censorship law (SB 3) goes into effect on December 2. Along with it, state policymakers are ruffling feathers about certain books that may or may not be accessible to students in school. One policymaker released a list of over 800 books for some school districts to document. And while no one is officially trying to ban these books so far, the freedom to read is still harmed by the chilling effect that follows.

There are some really good books on that list – award-winning books that make good gifts. Just in time for the holidays!

Since the list is 16 pages long, IDRA is here to help! We are highlighting some of our favorite books on the list of 800+. Check them out below! 

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November 24, 2021