Welcome to The Bookies' Latest Update!                           January 2019 Issue 2
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Blind Dating...with Books???
The Month of Love is upon us and we're inviting you to go on a blind date...with a new book! Our staff, including Bookie Larry, have selected several hidden gems in the store, wrapped them, and provided just a little information on the attached tags.  
The display for BOOK BLIND DATING is at the front of our store and we invite you to take a few minutes to browse the tags and choose an intriguing 'date'. Who knows? You may discover an unexpected treasure in a book that would not ordinarily catch your eye. 

Don't worry, if you open a book you already have or decide the treasure is really fool's gold, our return policy applies to these as well.  
Happy dating!  

Fresh Ink
2019 is starting out strong! New books for every age!

This book is an incredible, award-winning true story of an important artist whose name you should definitely know. The tale of Barnes's life from an NFL player to a world-renowned artist is a triumph and deserves a place on your shelf not only during Black History Month, but all year-round. 

Are you ready to jump into the Grishaverse? Bardugo's blockbuster bestsellers have thrilled scores of readers and now she's back with a new starting point. Magical political intrigue awaits! Make sure to check out the special PINS available to the first 10 people to pre-order or buy the book (details below!).

Joe Pickett is back and working on more cases. In the latest thriller from Box, Pickett has to find a missing British diplomat and fight to protect the rights of unique local hunters. How are the cases related and who is trying to stop him from solving either?

Ever heard of the American Jennie Jerome? Perhaps you've heard of her son, Winston Churchill? This novel explores with fact and conjecture the rise of the Churchill name before Winston was even born. Politics, intrigue, and hints of war, all seen through the eyes of the Churchill matriarch, make for a fascinating read.  
Dragon Pearl (Rick Riordan Presents
This young adult adventure has it all: space travel, fox magic, dragons, and more. Part of the new Rick Riordan Presents line, the novel combines sci-fi fun with actual Korean mythology.  

Liam Callanan  
Imagine your husband has gone missing. You rush to Paris with your children to find him. What do you find instead? An unfinished manuscript, more odd clues, and a bookstore. A bookstore...you soon own. Intrigued yet?  
Marie Benedict
Hedy Lamarr's story is so much more than any you could believe. This novel takes portions of her real life and mixes them with flair to give us as brilliant a picture as we can have of this actress/scientist/Nazi infiltrator/fighter. From the writer of THE OTHER EINSTEIN, this book is not to be missed.
The Game Board
Clack! is Back!
It sold out THREE TIMES during Christmas, but it's back and still as wonderful! This game won the hearts of our staff and then our customers this past holiday season and we're so glad to finally have it back in stock. Players roll two dice, see what color and what shape they land on, then grab up the little magnetic discs to win! You use those you have to snatch others, creating the titular CLACK sound! You can see it all in this video from AMIGO GAMES (click here) or come into the store to see a demo at our front counter! You can also order from our website by clicking here!

Pre-Order Giveaway!
Free Enamel Pin with Order

Pre-order KING OF SCARS today and get a free enamel pin while supplies last! See more about this book above in FRESH INK and click here to order or come in to the store today! 
The Year of the Pig is Almost Here!
Chinese New Year is Tuesday, February 5th and we're about to start the Year of the Pig! The pig happens to be a favorite literary animal for children, and we've got plenty of books to prove it! Come in today to see our display about the Chinese New Year, or check out this list on our website for books covering the Chinese New Year or featuring pigs! 

Education Corner
Our Teaching Section Looks a Little Different 
We've given a facelift to the teacher section! Come by today to see our changes and improvements and while you're here, check out our newly reorganized science section as well.