September 2018
A Kopp Sisters Novel (Book 4)
by Amy Stewart
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
September 2018
Historical Fiction
Hardcover, 320 pages
Trailblazing Constance’s hard-won job as deputy sheriff is on the line in  Miss Kopp Just Won’t Quit , the fourth installment of Amy Stewart’s Kopp Sisters series.

After a year on the job, New Jersey’s first female deputy sheriff has collared criminals, demanded justice for wronged women, and gained notoriety nationwide for her exploits. But on one stormy night, everything falls apart.

While transporting a woman to an insane asylum, Deputy Kopp discovers something deeply troubling about her story. Before she can investigate, another inmate bound for the asylum breaks free and tries to escape.
In both cases, Constance runs instinctively toward justice.

With wit and verve, Amy Stewart brilliantly conjures the life and times of the real Constance Kopp to give us an unforgettable heroine under fire.

Dear Reader,

I discovered Constance Kopp by accident in an old newspaper, and what I learned about her and her sisters has taken me on a journey I never could’ve imagined. By taking a stand against injustice to defend her family, Constance Kopp discovered a talent for, and a love of, law enforcement, way back in 1914. She became one of the first female deputy sheriffs in the country. Her exploits made headlines nationwide, which gave me an astonishingly detailed paper trail to follow.
Since that initial discovery back in 2012, I’ve pieced together the forgotten story of Constance’s life and learned more about her sisters, who were each remarkable in their own way. I’ve tracked down family members, visited the places where they’ve lived and worked, and even uncovered a few family secrets. Oh, and I’ve written four novels about their amazing true story, with many more to come. Enjoy!
Amy Stewart


"A welcome addition to this sui generis series, always fresh thanks to its vividly imagined characters firmly grounded in historical fact." — Kirkus , starred review

"Suspenseful . . . boasts a deeper emphasis on character, politics, and social issues. A must for Constance’s growing fan base." — Booklist , starred review