Easy Comfort Food for Friends and Family
Trisha Yearwood
September 28, 2021
Mariner Books
Hardcover, 288 pages
Country music and Food Network star Trisha Yearwood shares 125 comfort food recipes and family favorites, along with family stories and photos in her new cookbook.

Yearwood’s fans know that she can cook up a comforting, delicious meal that will feed a family. Trisha’s Kitchen features new family favorites and easy-to-make comfort foods, along with stories about her family and what’s really important in life.

The cookbook includes dishes her beloved mother used to make, plus new recipes, such as Pasta Pizza Snack Mix and Garth's Teriyaki Bowl. Each recipe tells a story, whether it's Trisha's Grandma Yearwood's Hundred-Dollar Cupcakes, family favorite chili, or the Camo Cake that she makes for her nephew's birthday.
Dear Reader:

I love to cook now more than I ever have because, for me, cooking is about love. It’s sharing a meal with family and friends and talking about our lives. I want to make food that is simple and good. I want you to know you can do this! I’ll hold your hand through anything that feels the least bit complicated, I promise. I hope you feel the love in these pages.

I’m forever grateful for the time I get to spend in the kitchen with my family and friends, cooking, laughing, living. This book is as close as I can come to have you sitting next to me in the kitchen. I hope you feel welcome. Pull up a front-row seat. Everything is easy to make, and everything is home-cooked. Let’s get started.


(c) Everygirl
Featured Recipe: Grandma's Sky-High Biscuits
My Grandma Lizzie used to make biscuits to go along with every meal. Most often, she made a quick buttermilk biscuit, but sometimes for Sunday dinner, she made these high-rise yeasted biscuits. I remember them fondly. My grandaddy called them cathead biscuits because he said they were as big as a cat’s head! At the end of the meal, he would poke a hole in the side of this fluffy biscuit and pour in some honey or maple syrup for his dessert.

The folding and refolding of the dough give them all those wonderful layers. You’ll love how light and tall these biscuits are! 

-Trisha Yearwood
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