January, 2020

by David Bell
Berkeley /
Penguin Random House
Fiction/ Thriller
Paperback, 448 pages
The USA Today bestselling author of Somebody's Daughter and Layover p resents a twist-filled thriller about a troubled family with long-buried secrets.

The past has arrived uninvited at Jason Danvers’s door in the form of his younger sister Hayden, a former addict who severed all contact with her family as her life spiraled out of control. Now she’s clean and sober but in need of a desperate favor—she asks Jason and his wife to take care of her teenage daughter for forty-eight hours while she handles some business in town.

But Hayden never returns.

Her disappearance brings up more unresolved problems from Jason’s past, including the abrupt departure of his best friend on the night of their high school graduation twenty-seven years earlier. When a body is discovered in the woods, the mysteries of his sister’s life—and possible death—deepen. One by one these events will shatter every expectation Jason has ever had about families, about the awful truths that bind them, and the secrets that should be taken to the grave.

"David Bell is a natural storyteller and a superb writer. The Forgotten Girl is a mystery lover’s mystery.”
—author Nelson DeMille

“Realistic glimpses of small-town America...You might want to read it the next time you’re drawn back to the place you came from. It’ll remind you of why you got the hell out of there in the first place.”
The Washington Post 

Thanks for taking the time to read about my book, The Forgotten Girl . This is a story about the way the past refuses to die. We all have friends and even family members who we find, shall I say, challenging? And sometimes we drift away from those people. But it often happens that those people we’ve drifted from end up coming back into our lives when we least expect it.

That’s what happens to Jason Danvers in The Forgotten Girl. His sister, his best friend, the girl he loved, they all come back into his life in the present. And they bring with them twenty-seven years’ worth of mystery and unanswered questions. If you like suspense novels about secrets from the past and family ties stretched to the breaking point, then The Forgotten Girl is the book for you.

Thank you!!

David Bell
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"Jason Danvers is the main character in The Forgotten Girl, a story that takes place in a small and fictional Ohio town. In the very first scene, Jason is in a restaurant talking to his friend Colton. They’re talking about the past, about their families, and about a mutual friend who disappeared many years ago and hasn’t been seen since.

They have a couple of drinks. And I imagine this restaurant serves good old-fashioned midwestern food—steaks and mashed potatoes and open-faced roast beef sandwiches. Sure they might make a few concessions to changing times. They might have salads and wraps and things like that. But, for the most part, you’re getting meat and potatoes. And, since one of the main characters is a teenager, we might as well include some dishes for that age group—fast food, potato chips, soda, etc. Don’t you wish you were young enough to eat all that fun stuff again?"

—David Bell