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An Evening with Larry Yoder  
Book club season is upon us! Are you ready with the best choices for your club's selections? Don't worry, longtime Bookie Larry Yoder has you covered. 
It's time again for one of our most popular annual events. As book clubs prepare to make their choices, often the breadth of books vying for attention is overwhelming. That's where The Bookies' very own Larry comes in. On August 30th, at 6:30 p.m., Larry will be hosting a special ticketed event to tell you what books he thinks are the best bets for your club. He'll be offering his recommendations, taking questions, and leading you through our shelves to make certain you choose the perfect book for your club. You can get all of this, as well as refreshments and a $5.00 gift certificate, all for the tiny cost of $5.00. 

You can buy your tickets in store or online by clicking HERE.

Fresh Ink
New hardback, new paperback, and all sorts of stories for the oldest of readers to the newest of page turners. 

Young Adult Fiction
Emily Bain Murphy
What if your town swallowed existences? A strange thought, right? That is the premise behind this mysterious young adult debut. A cursed town where more than just people go missing.  

Young Adult Fiction
Betsy Cornwell
Nicolette Lampton is an inventor who found 'happily ever after'. But soon, that ending becomes another beginning. Now she's trying to bring peace in a magical land of Faerie with the help of friends like her former fianc é.  

Ages 8-12
Merrill Wyatt & James Patterson
Another character joins the James Patterson Presents roster with the debut of Ernestine. Featuring a very strong and fun female character with a lot of mystery, this book is appropriate for younger readers.  

Ages 8-12
Ibtihaj Muhammad
A truly remarkable story of the first Olympic athlete to compete in a hijab. This version of her story is presented in a more approachable volume for younger readers (the adult version being Proud: My Fight for an Unlikely American Dream) that will inspire and teach about one of Time Magazine's '100 Most Influential People'.  

Ages 6-9
Doreen Rappaport & John Pomeroy
Part of the BIG WORDS series, this is an in-depth look at Disney's life presented with beautiful artwork. Fans of Disney will be interested in the very detailed biography. Not a lap-reader or picture book to be read alone by a child, but a great shared experience.

Ages 4-7
Jeanette Winter
Another true story on our list is a paperback version of the award-winning story of Kenya's Nobel Prize Winner Wangari Maathai. First released more than a decade ago, the story is still moving and relevant today. How can one person change the world? With a single seed.  
Ages 4-7
Janell Cannon
Two and a half decades later, and Stellaluna is still filling our hearts with wonder. This new edition features the same story we all love, of being lost and being found, being different but accepted, but now with new color, more expansive art, and even the ability to download related materials. As much fun to read now as it was twenty-five years ago.  

Teacher Learning Aides Flash Sale  

It's time to go back! Teachers are already filling up their classrooms with all the things they love from our store, but now we're making it even easier. Until August 19th, we're having a 25% off Learning Aides sale! These are the things teachers use the most. Posters, dice, borders, educator tools, most of our math manipulatives and some of our games and a lot more. Just look for the code 100-016 on the tag and you'll now it's 25% off! 
The Glendale Raptors Are Coming Wednesday!  
This Wednesday, August 15th at 11:00 a.m.,
we're in for a treat! Fresh from their championship appearance, members of the Glendale Raptors Rugby Football Club will be taking part in a special weekday Reading With Our Friends event. They'll be stopping by the store to read to us, teach us about their sport, take pictures, sign autographs, and give out special prizes! We look forward to having you join us. This event will be fun for young kids, older kids, and adults alike!  
Channel 7's Lisa Hidalgo Will Help Us Fall Up  
On Saturday, August 18th at 11:00 a.m., we'll be welcoming Channel 7's Lisa Hidalgo as part of our Reading With Our Friends series. She'll be reading excerpts from FALLING UP by Shel Silverstein as we celebrate the anniversary of the book's publication. She'll also be telling us about her work on Channel 7 and helping us give away a number of Silverstein-related prizes. We can't wait to see you Saturday!

The CU Women's Hockey Team Visits The Bookies

As part of our Reading With Our Friends series, the store was happy to welcome members of the CU Women's Hockey Team. They read to us and told us all about their experiences with ice hockey. Good luck this season, Buffs! (To learn more about the team, CLICK HERE.)

Frankenstein is 200 Years Young

you to all of our youngest Bookies for coming out and joining us to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein! Thanks to Ms. Hunter, we had fun crafts, snacks, and a visit from the monster himself!  

What's Coming Up at The Bookies?
As you can see below, we have a ton of fun events coming in August! Click anywhere in the picture to go to our Events Calendar on our website or check our Facebook page to RSVP.