Hey Superstar!

So, here we are, the year is almost gone. Can you believe it!

Are you on track with the goals you set out for this year?

I've been having a great year so far and I hope you've found the PR tips, videos and blog posts I've shared with you this year useful, insightful, and helpful as you launch out into book publishing, marketing and social media PR.

I don't want you publish your book be left wondering,"Now What ?"

Here's what you do:

You need to create a list of at least 150 people who will most want a copy of your book. If you want to be successful then you've got to suck it up and have the courage to do this because this will be your launching pad of further success.

Here are just 3 categories taken from the "Ultimate Author PR Boot Camp" course that I teach (see http://www.pamperryonlinepr.com)

Family: make sure that all of your family comes out of the pocket and buys a copy of your book.

Friends: whether you have a lot or just a few friends, you want to ask all of them to support you by buying a book for themselves or someone else.

Co-workers: You should make a list of all your co-workers (and vendors) who you will try to sell books to. Try to at least come up with 50 names from this list.

Then upload them into something like Aweber. (I show people how to do this and how to put the widgets in social media and grow your list)

These are just a snippet of the information you'll learn when you make the wise investment of getting into the

"Ultimate Author PR Boot Camp!"

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Be fabulous!

Pam Perry, PR Coach


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