Magna cum Murder

Crime Writing Festival


October 25-27, 2019 

The Columbia Club, Indianapolis, IN


Guest of Honor ~ Joe R. Lansdale

International Guest of Honor ~ Ruth Dudley Edwards

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Ball State University
Muncie, Indiana

Magna cum Murder
Kathryn Kennison

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Former Guests of Honor
Total Mayhem by John Gilstrap
     America is under fire. Multiple terror attacks have left the country reeling. Former Special Forces operatives are working for ISIS. Jonathan Grave and his team go undercover to eliminate the traitors. No need to collect intel. No arrests. Wipe them out-and get out.
But the team uncovers a deeper threat codenamed Retribution. The bombs have been set and Grave is the one being hunted. Unless he can save himself first, a terrorist plot of unimaginable scope will become history's deadliest disaster...

"Propulsive... Straightforward plotting, amped-up action, and amusing banter keep the pages turning."
-Publishers Weekly

Book 11 in the Jonathan Grave Series will launch June 25, 2019. 
Paper Son by SJ Rozan
 The Most Southern Place on Earth: that's what they call the Mississippi Delta. It's not a place Lydia Chin, an American-born Chinese private detective from Chinatown, NYC, ever thought she'd have reason to go. But when her mother tells her a cousin Lydia didn't know she had is in jail in Clarksdale, Mississippi - and that Lydia has to rush down south and get him out - Lydia finds herself rolling down Highway 61 with Bill Smith, her partner, behind the wheel.

     From the river levees to the refinement of Oxford, from old cotton gins to new computer scams, Lydia soon finds that nothing in Mississippi is as she expected it to be. Including her cousin's legal troubles - or possibly even his innocence. Can she uncover the truth in a place more foreign to her than any she's ever seen?

Book 12 in the Lydia Chin/Bill Smith Series will launch July 2, 2019. 
Hawke's Target by Reavis Z. Wortham
     Judge. Jury. Executioner. One man is taking the law into his own hands. His targets are criminals who slipped through the justice system. From California to Texas, this relentless avenger hunts down the unpunished and sentences them to death.

     But now he's on Sonny Hawke's turf. A Texas Ranger committed to his job, Hawke will not abide vigilante justice-especially when innocents are also in the line of fire. The trail of bodies stretches across the Lone Star State to the most savage clan East Texas has ever seen. And Hawke is the only one who can stop them...

Book 3 in the Sonny Hawke Series will launch June 25, 2019. 
Registration is Open
Registration for the 25th year of Magna cum Murder is now open. We are offering for the first time, a spouse meal option, to accommodate those supportive spouses who come to Magna. 
Columbia Club Rooms 2019
Rooms at the Columbia Club are now full. If you still need to make arrangements, the Hilton Garden Inn is offering a block of rooms for Magna cum Murderers until September 25 at the rate of $159 a night.  Guests may call 317-955-9700 and ask for the group rate for Magna cum Murder (Group Code MCM19).