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Kamisol Accessories & Fashion Consultancy Client Reviews:
"Gigi is in tune with her clients' preferences and demands. Each interactive style tailored to fit my needs and style! This level of  individualized attention and knowledge, combined with her energy created an unparalleled style-experience. Kendra MacMurray

"Hello Fashion World!!!

Allow me to share my excitement of observing and participating in the Personal Style transformation for my daughter Nativity through Kamisol Imaging...a visionary personal consultant company that transforms its motto, "INVESTING IN A NEW YOU" into a memorable experience you can wear daily.  I am a well pleased Dad, when it comes to "Personal Style" transformation, Kamisol Imaging, led by Imaging Consultant, GiGi and her team...I can truly say, they can help you to "WEAR" it well!!!"     Ray and Nativity Smith    


Styled by Gigi McMillan, Dress by definition Boutique & accessories by ReBirth Designs 

Ready for a Change?

Are you unhappy with your wardrobe? Do you find yourself wearing the same pair of jeans you've had since college or have you lost weight and are unable to dress the new you? If these questions seem to address a similar problem your facing, then Stylist and Owner of Kamisol Accessories and Fashion Consultancy, Gigi McMillan should be your next stop.


Ms. McMillan was most recently featured in the

Georgetown Patch for uniting entrepreneurs in the fashion business and for her ability to create looks for women of all sizes. The local DC, VA and MD stylist is now going public by launching her fashion consulting services. Her consulting services are priced to fit the everyday woman's budget.


Kamisol Accessories and Fashion Consultancy services include wardrobe editing, body analysis, color analysis, shopping assistance, closet organization and a lookbook for the affordable price of $75 an hour. Prices may vary depending on the needs of the client. For individual services the price is $45 an hour.

Overview of Services 

Wardrobe Editing

 -In this initial session, we will review current items within your wardrobe to determine where you stand on the basic and staple pieces every person should possess.  Depending on the amount of clothes a client owns the audit can take up to 3 hours to complete, but it is well worth the time.   


Body Analysis -

We will analyze what body type you possess.  There are several variations such as straight, pear, spoon, hourglass, top hourglass, inverted triangle, oval and a diamond body types.  We will identify your exact characteristics by using state of the art software that will help us determine whether the clothing choices are a perfect match for your body type. By taking your full measurements from the inseam, to the arm and leg length, waist hips and bust this will help us complete the information accurately for a precision fit. 



Color Analysis -

Having a full color analysis completed before the shopping begins is THE most important part of the process.  A color analysis will determine what colors work best for you. According to Indigo Tones, an expert company that specializes in describing the importance of color harmony "nature leaves nothing to chance - it gives us hair color, eye color, and skin tone in perfect harmony.  


Shopping Assistance-

In order to make your shopping experience precise and targeted I will use all of the collected data to pre-shop for items within our selected stores.   More information on how the day will look will vary for each client depending on the specific package



Closet Organization - Once we complete all necessary steps we will begin to finalize the process by reorganizing your closet.  I will show you how to incorporate new items with existing ones in order to maximize your options each month for various events and outings.  We will then determine which recommended organizational system that will work best for you in order to easily maintain your look. 


Styled by Ggi McMillan, skirt by REVEL Style

Lookbook - Once we have completed a full wardrobe makeover or mini session clients will receive their own personal lookbook that will memorialize the experience from beginning to end.  Flipping through this treasure will help you actually see where you were and how far you've come through the journey.  


How to get Started?

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