August 2018 -Rent Crested Butte & Gunnison
Fall is my favorite time in Crested Butte! It is beyond beautiful, and warm enough to have tons of fun in the middle of the day, yet retire to your warm quarters late in the afternoon. To be followed by evening fun! Don't miss the Beer and Chili Fest! among other great September events!
Open for Fall/Winter Bookings!
All our properties are open for Ski Season! Don't wait another minute if you are planning to come up over the Holidays! Check our properties , or go strait to the calendar page to see what's still available!

Read our article on the Epic Pass , which Crested Butte is now a part of! Remember we offer great discount ski rentals right at the base area at Christy Sports . We also offer discounts with Black Tie Skis , which delivers!

And fall! my favorite time! Come up, really relax, and enjoy the colors!
F all is Gorgeous and Full of Activities!
Don't miss Crested Butte in September and October! This pic was taken in early October. Check our event pages for September and October , and don't miss the Beer and Chili Fest, and the new Jazz Festival, among other wonderful things to do! It is the MOST relaxing time of year!
Check out my Great Hikes and Great Drives pages to take in the color!
L ocal News - Cottonwood Trail Paving and New RMBL Campus on Snodgrass
We all love driving to Crested Butte using the Cottonwood Pass from Buena Vista to Taylor Lake , rather than Monarch Pass! It's been closed for 2 years for paving, and is slated to open for next summer, 2019. There appears to be a chance it won't be completely finished, and it will be a one lane road next spring while paving goes on on the other side. Ugh.
RMBL, or the Rock Mountain Biology Lab, does incredible research in Gothic, and hosts many wonderful learning programs for kids and adults. Gothic is completely shut down in winter. So I was pleased to read that the Mueller family has donated 6 acres near the Snodgrass trailhead to RMBL, for housing and research. And... it will be open year round. That will be great for the community AND for RMBL!
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