The BookTree Effect, Book Spotlight  /  July 2017

Long-Term Results
After over ten years, the results are in from BookTree members:

"It is in great part because of BookTree that our 2nd-grader is such an avid reader."

"My 11-year-old now reads at a high school level, and my 9-year-old (who now wants to be an author when she grows up) reads at an 8th grade level."

"Our eldest daughter, who started BookTree at age 3, is now a reader who chooses to read to herself whenever she has free time."
Countless studies show the huge positive effects of reading aloud on brain development, vocabulary, school-readiness, social/emotional development, and more. We are honored to support families in this critical activity, and proud of the "BookTree Effect". Below are a a few suggested titles for different age levels that blend themes of family and summer. Happy reading!

- Kathy Balch, BookTree Founder
Book Spotlight: Family & Summer
Ages 2-4: Jabari Jumps

With encouragement from his father, Jabari overcomes his fears and jumps from the diving board. This touching, masterfully-illustrated book by Gaia Cornwall carries an important message for both children and grownups!
Ages 4-6: In the Tree House

Author Andrew Larsen and illustrator Dusan Petricic tell an engaging story of two brothers sharing a special place on a special summer night.
Ages 6-8: Pictures from our Vacation

Author/illustrator Lynne Rae Perkins has created a rich sensory tale of a vacationing sister and brother who have fun taking pictures, but learn that their minds hold much more than pictures can show.

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