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The Best New Games from Bookie Karla
If you love our store and love our games, then you love Bookie Karla. She's the brains behind our games/puzzles selection and she's provided below her BIG FOUR picks for this year.  
Ages 5+
One of the biggest hits of our year so far. CLACK! is a fun, colorful magnet game that's enjoyable for all ages. Roll the dice, see what you're supposed to grab, and use your pieces to CLACK! up any you see. Check out the video from AMIGO GAMES here to learn more
Ages 5+  
Another entry from Amigo Games and it's for the whole family! A pile of brightly colored objects is on the table along with a pile of cards. As you flip the cards, remember when an object gets revealed twice and then claim it! Sound easy? Just wait and see.
Ages 10+
At our employee 'Games Breakfast', this one was a huge hit. It combines a unique idea, intrigue, and makes for a super fun party. In a nutshell, there are rows of cards and you have to get your partner to identify certain cards based on one-word clues, but BE CAREFUL! One wrong move and the game is over. You'll need all your wits and communication skills to win this one.
Ages 8+
We've been talking about this one since the moment it came out. We've never really seen anything like this hit. The game is played entirely in the dark with a lantern, glowing dice, and little people you have to protect from the light. A lot of fun and something new we guarantee the kids in your life have never experienced. Having a hard time picturing how to play? No problem, ThinkFun has this fun preview for you to watch. 
Ages 12+ 
We couldn't share this list without talking about the EXIT THE GAME series with our customers. We've all heard of the 'Escape Room' craze that's sweeping the country. Now, take that idea and put it in a one-time-use game. It's perfect for parties, family gatherings, whatever you like. Each set has a unique mission to escape from the game itself! Come in today to see the different versions we have or check out our list here!  

Hanukkah Begins December 2nd
Our staff has picked out 8 wonderful presents for and about the Festival of Lights.

Light the Menorah
Jacqueline Jules | Kristina Swarner
 In this Hanukkah manual for the contemporary Jewish family, holiday history, rituals, activities, songs, and recipes provide tools for creating meaningful family moments in the light of the menorah. The book includes brief reflections to read aloud before reciting the candle-lighting blessings on each of the eight nights of Hanukkah.

Enjoy the artwork of the "Chanukah Musings" design and elevate the holiday theme by bringing Chanukah into the kitchen! This cotton tea towel will usher the fun of Chanukah into all of the culinary delights prepared in your kitchen. Item Dimensions: 15.00" l x 0.10" w x 25.00" h
All-of-a-Kind Family Hanukkah 
Emily Jenkins | Paul O Zelinsky
First published in 1951, Taylor's chapter books have become time-honored favorites, selling over a million copies and touching generations of readers. In this time when immigrants often do not feel accepted, the All-of-a-Kind Family gives a heartwarming glimpse of a Jewish immigrant family and their customs that is as relevant--and necessary--today as when it was first written. Jenkins and Zelinsky's charming complement to Taylor's series perfectly captures the warmth and family values that made the original titles classics.


  Alan Silberberg    
Lucy Latke's family is just like yours or mine. Except that they're potato pancakes. And also, they are completely clueless. After lighting the menorah and gobbling the gelt, Grandpa Latke tells everyone the Hanukkah story, complete with mighty Mega Bees who use a giant dreidel to fight against the evil alien potatoes from Planet Chhh. It's up to the Latke family dog to set the record straight. (To start with, they were Maccabees, not Mega Bees...) But he'll have to get the rest of the Latkes to listen to him first!
Do we hear BINGO? Menorah-shaped bingo pieces and beautifully designed cards make Chanukah Bingo the ultimate party game (up to 6 players per game). A favorite game for kids (and adults) of all ages, packaged in a collectible tin.

With her basket full of sour cream and applesauce, Ruthie is on her way to her Bubbe's house to learn how to make latkes. But along the way, she encounters a scary wolf who wants to eat her! To keep him at bay, Ruthie tells the wolf that she will eat a plateful of potato pancakes for every night of Hanukkah and he should wait until the last night when she will be the most delicious. Will Ruthie's cleverness help her make it to her Bubbe's to celebrate the festival of lights?


Fresh Ink
Lin-Manuel Miranda | Jonny Sun
The man behind the phenomenon of Hamilton wants to share with you the daily affirmations he shared with his Twitter followers for years. These inspiring words are now included with fun and fanciful illustrations by Sun.   

Michelle Obama
The former First Lady's memoir shot to the top of the bestseller lists right away and sold out almost everywhere. See why Oprah picked it for her book club and what our first African-American First Lady thinks of the world after the White House.

Calling all Harry Potter fans! The newest Fantastic Beasts screenplay is out and if you are a real fan, a true completionist, then you have to have this volume on your shelf.

Brandon Sanderson
The man is back! Award-winning, best-selling author Brandon Sanderson has returned with a new series full of the same Sanderson writing we love, but with a bold new story about a girl who dreams of becoming a pilot in a war to save humanity.

He's a movie star, a wrestler, and now an author! If you love John Cena, you'll love his debut picture book about a monster truck that shows he has what it takes!
What's Coming Up at The Bookies?
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December 1st: Golden Books Author Trish Holland      
December 4th: Kurt Eichenwald in-store appearance
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