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Our Favorite Books of 2018

In our first December issue (click here to read it) we offered you a list of twelve of our staff members' favorite books of 2018. Now we've asked the entire crew of The Bookies Bookstore for their recommendations. So as to not make this newsletter too large, we've grouped all our picks in alphabetical order on our website for you to peruse. We've also put them in one big photo below (which you can click to take you to our website with the complete list). Without further ado, here are THE BEST BOOKS OF 2018 (or close to it), AS PICKED BY THE BOOKIES' STAFF! 
The Game Board
It's time for another look at the gaming section of The Bookies! This issue, we're taking a step back and pulling out a game from last year that might have been lost in the hustle and bustle.

The Haywire Group brought us this 'What do you do with all the leftover pieces of other games? Why not make a game out of it?' offering in 2017 called SHABOOM!, and it's recently seen a resurgence in interest. Four players have small trough in front of them filled with bric-a-brac from other games. There are dice, pawns, tiny dominoes, plastic circles, and more. Taking turns flipping over cards, players are challenged to utilize their various items and their own skills to win. It's a lot of fun and each turn is unpredictable. The next time you stop by, ask to see our demo copy to play for yourself, or check out this video from The Haywire Group that gives a bit more visual detail.

Fresh Ink
One last batch of new books for 2018! Get 'em while they're hot!

We at The Bookies love to showcase exceptional cookbooks. This volume, which utilizes only indigenous (local, seasonal, non-European) ingredients and materials, won the James Beard Foundation Book Award and is an outstanding addition to any kitchen. Not only is it full of incredible recipes, it also offers a unique cultural education and introduction to authentic indigenous cuisine.   
Charles Glass 
When you hear Bookie Larry say: "This is the best book here about the French Resistance in World War II", you perk up and you share that information with your customers. Glass is a perennial bestseller and this faithful accounting of Britain's Special Operations Executive may be his best work yet.  
Tui T. Sutherland  
The bestselling series returns with its twelfth offering. Cricket is finally asking the right questions and learning more than she bargained for.
The latest in The Unicorn Rescue Society once more has author Adam Gidwitz exposing not just our heroes to mythological creatures, but his readers to the cultural importance of the legends behind the 'monsters' and the areas they come from. Gidwitz always works with an #OwnVoices author on this series and this time he's invited Joseph Bruchac in on the fun. The Bookies' staff was lucky enough to meet them both at a conference recently and this series has become a can't-miss. Also, we know a little secret... Go to Adam's website and sign up for The Unicorn Rescue Society newsletter. Trust us, you'll like what happens.   
It's a month for volumes #12 in dragon series! Part of THE BRANCHES library, this is the latest in the very popular Dragon Masters series and has our heroes and our villains looking for the Gold Key!  
Sometimes we highlight books in our newsletter just because we find them to be so much fun. This is one of those, a huge, oversized pop-up book that takes the reader inside the famous villains of myths and nursery rhymes. Now, when we say, 'takes you inside', we aren't kidding. Lift the flaps to see the content of their brains AND stomachs. Not as gross as it sounds, and even more fun than you can imagine.

Bookie Charlotte (who happens to mother our TODDLER section) loves this new series, Picture Fit. Each volume is a clever board book about colors or opposites or numbers. All the things little hands and eyes need to be exploring, done in a fun and colorful way.

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Education Corner
Our store began as a resource for educators. Here we are, nearly half a century later, and our teachers' area is still one of our centerpieces. In this Education Corner, we're bringing more focus to the special products and resources we carry for the teachers and parents who need to know. 
For this issue, with help from Bookie Tracy, one of our Education Specialists, we're throwing a spotlight on section 828 in our teachers' area: GRAMMAR LITERATURE. These books teach children the fundamentals of the English language through a story. It's a great way to explore key building block concepts like similes, metaphors, pronouns, and more that every child needs. Grammar Literature books are a valuable resource for teachers because kids think they're just enjoying another picture book, when in reality they are learning grammar fundamentals for verbal and written communication. One thing our customers may not realize is that these books have their own unique section, 828, which is in the teachers' area on the far east side of the store, so you may be missing great stories simply because they're considered to be learning tools as well as storybooks. Examples of these books include: CATS RAINING DOGS by Will Moses, SNOWBOARDING SIMILES AND METAPHORS by Gail Herman, STOP AND GO, YES AND NO (What is an Antonym?) by Brian Cleary, and MINE, ALL MINE by Ruth Heller.   
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