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What wild weather! Wet and windy, then cool and cloudy, followed by sunny afternoons! Welcome to the changeable wonder that is autumn! 


There are changes happening to our Big Kids Club program, too: it's growing! We're pleased to announce that our structured play and learning program for preschoolers is expanding to Tuesdays and Thursdays, starting in October. Johanna and Sarah are leading the new days, with exploratory programs on World Culture and Early Literacy. There's even a special way for your child to take part!


Reading and books are on our minds, and from Oct. 6 - 10, you can make it part of your day as well. Our friend Veronika Riches is hosting a Barefoot Book fair in the centre, and a portion of the sales will help us expand our library as well. 


At daycare, we're always talking about sharing, and our Kids Clothing Swap is a great way to get more out of your winter wear. Bring your too-small kids' clothing in between Oct. 13 and 17 to trade it in for a season of new duds on Sunday Oct. 19. 


A new strain of flu virus is also going around, and that's one thing we don't need to share. Washing hands is the best way to keep your germs to yourself. Bubble up and scrub, scrub, scrub! 


See you soon!



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Thursdays are for Budding Readers
Don't forget to wash your hands
Barefoot Book Fair - Oct. 6 - 10
Kids' Clothing Swap - Oct. 19
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New Big Kids' Club Class - Thursday is for Budding Readers


Our Big Kids Club program for preschoolers has been running from 1 - 4pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday since 2012, filling the centre with happy engaged children all afternoon! This week, we're pleased to announce that the program is expanding to Tuesdays and Thursdays. 


The new classes, led by Johanna and Sarah, will begin in October (unless you're one of our lucky winners in the sneak peek contest below... ;)


Johanna's connection-based curriculum on Tuesdays will explore the nature of storytelling around the world, and how food plays a role. 


And we know parents and kids will love Sarah's early literacy Budding Readers program on Thursdays. She has experience as both a preschool and kindergarten teacher and will be delivering a fun afternoon program that covers the A, B, C's of learning the A, B, C's.  


Fridays are also getting a shake up, as Denet's Exploring Dance class moves to the busy afternoon, bringing music and movement to a permanent place on our fall schedule. 


The new calendar will officially launch on Oct. 1, and if you'd like to join Sarah for her first Budding Readers class, you can win your way in! Send her an email for more information about the program, and if you're one of the first 5 people to do so, you're in - with a free spot from 1 - 4pm on Thursday Oct. 2, 2014.


Don't forget to wash your hands!


The fall season is starting with a bout of wet and wild weather, and with it comes the first colds and flus. All the old favourites will be making appearances, causing coughing, sneezing, and lots of runny noses, but if your child's flu is making it difficult for them to breath, or includes a very high fever, it might be something to check with a doctor. 

A new strain Enterovirus has been identified this year, and while effects are particularly nasty, the best way to protect your child and family is still to practice frequent and thorough handwashing. 

Most kids love it anyway, so bubble up and keep them clean! And then, pop over and check out the CBC Health article on symptoms of D68 and when to visit a doctor.

Barefoot Book Fair Oct. 6 - 10, 2014

Just in time for the launch of our new early literacy program on Thursday afternoons, Buddings invites you to browse the pages of the books from our library provider Barefoot Books. 

A book fair display will be set up in the front entrance from Oct. 6 - 10.

Find your child's favourites from our collection and bring them home, or check out the recommendations from our teachers! Find the perfect book for your own budding readers, and help Buddings share even more of the beautiful collection with the kids - 20% of sales during the week gets returned to the daycare in the form of new books!

Want to check it out now? Visit the website and earmark your favourites!

Start sorting... Our Fall Kids' Clothing Swap is Oct. 19
The rain is falling and winter will be here soon. Before you start paying big money getting kids equipped for the cold, wet weather, circle Oct. 19 on your calendar and plan to swap your too-small stuff for new-to-you winter gear. 

Bring out the stored sweaters and see which ones would be better for a littler kid. We'll be collecting, sizing, and sorting from Oct. 13 - 17, with free admission and up to 10 items for everyone who brings items to swap.  

Still need all that stuff? No problem! The cost is just $10 for up to 10 items, and $1 per item after that. The more people who bring items and attend, the better! Feel free to spread the news! 
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