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Dig into a Great Book!!

The weather is

warming up,

new book releases,

old favorites are waiting for you!!

We have had a Unicorn Party,

Be Kind Collections,

Book Club Zooms,

Smell the Flowers Day,

Meet the Puppies,

Oprah's Book Club,

A Fabulous Resilience Event, Birds Flocking

all over the store,

Puzzles from around the world,

Black History Month,

Women's History Month,

Indie Bookstore Day,

Franki has become a teenager

.... and has a very stylish mask,

Several new local authors,

A whole watercolor class exhibit,

It has been fun since 2021 arrived....

And it is time to dig into a great book!

THANKS to all Our Commonplace Reader Customers for making 49 S Main St in Yardley so much fun!!

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We Are a Resource For Our Community!


May - A Focus on Art, Writing, Reading


Art is Happening in Yardley

Yardley's Own Cindy Fatsis has a Bucks County Award Winning Postcard of Patterson Farm available at the bookstore.

Graphic Courtesy Cindy Fatsis.


Plein Air Event

Commonplace Reader is happy to support local arts: our latest venture is to support the

AOY Art Center Plein Air Event.

May 15th Commonplace Reader will host a Meet and Greet with our Plein Air Event Artists.

Cramer Bakery Cookies to commemorate the event will be served.

Writers Group


Join Us First Mondays

at 7:00 pm

"I am not a professional writer. I am not a published writer. I'm just a person who likes to put my thoughts and memories on paper. I joined this group hoping I wouldn't be intimidated, hoping I might get some constructive criticism from people who know more about the craft than I, thinking I might be inspired to write a bit more often. And do you know what happened? I felt welcome, I benefited from other's ideas, and I write far more frequently. There is a place for you no matter what sort of writer you are. Please consider joining us." ~~~ Dorothy H.

Best Sellers and Classics

We can help you find your next spectacular read or puzzle!!

Book Lists:


Poetry Selections

Kids Lists (Kindness/Creativity)

Indie Next List

Books on The Way

New Releases

Book Club Reads

In Stock Puzzles

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~~Meet the Commonplace Reader Staff~~

Best Indie Staff Around!!



Megan is our youngest bookseller with a great passion for bookselling......... She is a busy student athlete who finds time to share her enthusiasm for Commonplace Reader every day she is here; shelving, working displays, learning the inventory system. Thanks Megan!

Meet Our Staff


Tracey is our resident card catalog .... she knows where every best seller is and has a sixth sense for what sold yesterday! A terrific reader Tracey is very knowledgeable and can help you find your next weekend joy! Thanks Tracey!

Meet Our Staff


Sam is our newest member of the bookseller staff... a whiz at the cash register and an eye for books that are out of order or in the wrong section........ Sam is the keeper of mid-readers room - straightening and finding books to make a book search the easiest! Thanks Sam!

Meet Our Staff


Amy is our resident retailer whiz who can create a display masterpiece in minutes! Amy has an superior sense of style and knows how to match books with puzzles, socks and cards to delight. Thanks Amy!

Meet Our Staff


Daniel is our returns bookseller; this is a key function as we return hard covers when we receive paperbacks. And keeping our book inventory pristine is tantamount to getting you your next read or gift. Thanks Daniel!

Meet Our Staff


Caroline has been a bookseller since Commonplace Reader's Day One! She is a graphic artist and keeper of our website content and style, and, in general, our ace technologist! Without her we would not have such a precise and artistic presence ! Thanks Caroline!

Meet Our Staff

Book Clubs - Mystery, Literary, Social Equity....... and more coming in Summer 2021

You can read along with our books clubs - we have a full listing of all the books we have read and discussed ... and books to be read next.... Most of Commonplace Reader's best loved books are book-clubber's favorites - so take a peek!

Book Clubs

We are on the Indie Bookstore National Map ~ Yes!

Bookworm enjoyed seeing the crowds on Saturday April 24th!

Cookies from Cramer Bakery were Delicious!!

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