Earth Day 2022
For Earth Day, and all year long, we share recommended books and lessons for young people to help understand and address the terrifying climate crisis.
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NOT Recommended:
Greta and the Giants
By Deborah Menkart at Social Justice Books
The picture book Greta and the Giants by Zoë Tucker implies that Greta was the first climate activist.

The story is that giants are ruining the planet and the text reads: “No one told them to stop because everyone was scared of them. Everyone except Greta.”

When she bravely takes action, a young boy of color silently joins her. (Yep, a white girl gives birth to the climate movement and people of color follow.) 

In the end note, where often picture books finally say a bit more of the actual story, the false narrative continues. It says, “Climate change is the biggest crisis humans have ever faced. Greta couldn’t understand why no one was doing anything about it.”
Helping Young People Imagine a Future of Climate Solidarity
By Bill Bigelow in Rethinking Schools
Increasingly, educators are equipping young people to analyze the social roots of the climate emergency, its unequal impact throughout the world, and activist strategies to address it. 

For all this, we need stories. 

Three new young adult novels appreciate the severity of climate change but also celebrate young people’s growing consciousness and their work to make a difference. 

Continue reading this article by Bill Bigelow with reviews of The Mystery Woman in Room Three, Paradise on Fire, and Running at Rethinking Schools.
Teach Climate Justice
Teacher Story: The Young People’s Climate Conference
Story about using a lesson at the Zinn Education Project website, The Young People's Climate Conference.
We set the scene of a big meeting between various nations and peoples, noting that everyone has a different story and that we need to listen to see whose stories were similar and different than our own. . .

I was pleasantly surprised by the level of detail each student put in and the thought that went into their slides. . .

Holistically, this project opened our eyes to the different impacts of climate change across the world better than any video or reading could have. I’m grateful to have this bunch of students who deeply care about our earth and want to make change. — Taylor Davenport, Elementary School Language Arts/English Teacher, Austin, Texas
The Zinn Education Project has launched a campaign to “Teach Climate Justice.” We offer classroom-tested lessons, workshops for educators, and a sample school board climate justice resolution.
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