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Dear Customers,

On Tuesday, the owner of The Booksellers at Laurelwood (located at Poplar and Perkins in east Memphis) announced that he was closing the store. The liquidation has begun. Formerly Davis-Kidd Booksellers, this book store has been in Memphis for 30 years. It employs some of the best booksellers in the world. Several of them have been working there since the beginning, making a combined total of 306 years of bookselling experience. Memphis, you CANNOT let this wonderful institution go away.

From the information that has been given, it looks as though there is no possibility of saving the book store in its present form and size. However, a smaller, leaner version, staffed by these booksellers could be a possibility if someone (or several someones) would be willing to invest in it and if an appropriate space in that area could be found.

Memphis needs independent book stores and specifically needs one in that area of Memphis. If you share this idea and believe in it and are willing to commit to it with your time and money by shopping at a local book store, then let your voice be heard. It isn't always easy or convenient to make the choice to shop small and local book stores, but it truly makes a difference. The money stays local. People keep their jobs. And, most important, books get read!

10 years ago Burke's Book Store was facing similar problems. We were literally on the edge, inches away from having to close our doors. But you saved us. Customers opened their hearts and wallets, real estate friends found us a new and better location, people pitched in to help us move, and we are still here. Now we are asking you to help these members of our bookselling family.

In 2016  the Booksellers at Laurelwood hosted 109 author events, 104 story times, and raised approximately $35,000 for various local organizations and schools. There is much to be lost if this disappears. Don't let it happen! Sign this petition (see link below) to show your support and to let Memphis know that a new chapter of Booksellers needs to be written.


Sign the petition and spread the word. Let the powers that be know how important this is and that you want this book store to continue.

Thank you from Corey, Cheryl, Amanda, Sue, Tim, and Chloe, the owners and staff of Burke's Book Store.