Dear Amazing Reader,     
Thank you to all the volunteers who have been helping us get moved out of our space!
Marilee, Charlene, Sal, Patrice, Gretchen, Barb, and all the rest, I can't thank you enough!

We have a number of awesome book cases left, and would love to get them to good homes before the middle of next week.  I'll post photos below.

I'll be here Friday 10 to 5, but call ahead as I may have movers taking things away.
Saturday 1 to 5 for your convenience, Monday and Tuesday 10-5 if needed.

The website is going to undergo a makeover, but you can order books now!
I want to be your local online store for books. Bookmark us!
I'll be putting the current stock online soon so that we can send them to you from Oakland rather than from a warehouse. There are some wonderful finds there and I'll be happy to get them into your hands.

        Happy reading and take care of each other.
It has been my distinct honor and pleasure being your bookseller.

Audio book and ebook downloads still available at

 30" wide x 54 1/2" tall  $100 
 6 available 

4 ft tall x 4 ft wide
adjustable shelves


1 left

Two Sided, Adjustable Shelves
4ft wide x 4 1/2 ft tall

4 Available

Wall unit with fixed shelves.
3ft wide x 56 1/2" wide

Only 1 available

Moveable shelves, wall unit
3ft wide x 66" tall

8 available
$40 each

Octagonal fixture.
Footprint is 53 1/2 by 53 1/2.
32" tall.
Two removable stands on top.
$400 or best offer.
1 available.

Plus a few other things:
Mr. Coffee, electric tea kettle, 33 cup drip coffee maker, various platters, computers,
bw printer, and a few more shelving units.
Bring cash! Credit cards will have 3% add on for transaction fee.

It's important that you support your local businesses, whether near your home or your work. Get out and see what is near you. If you need something, check locally before you go online. Chances are, with a little effort, you'll find what you need. And if you don't, try asking a merchant if they can get it for you. I've gotten to know how amazing the retail community is in downtown Oakland and would love for everyone else to take the time to explore and support the businesses that we have here. It truly takes all of us to make a community and how you shop determines it.  

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