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August & September 2021
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Miss Sam's Reviews
Reyna spends her days in her favorite booth in her mother’s restaurant, Cielito Lindo, underneath her abuelito’s vihuela (a guitar-like instrument). The restaurant is popular and noisy though, and one day Reyna has had enough and throws her book in the air, hitting the vihuela. Scared that her mother will be mad at her, Reyna walks around town trying to find people who can help her fix it. Along the way, she learns more about her abuelito and the mariachi music he played. Families of all varieties will enjoy this story about the memory of loved ones and music. (STORIES—Torres, Jennifer)
Yasmin’s art class is having an art competition. Yasmin is nervous, because her art isn’t perfect. Her father buys her some paints for inspiration. Will Yasmin be able to get creative in time to submit something for the competition? I like that this book shows the struggles of creativity, and also how to overcome them. An idea for an art projects and facts about Pakistan are at the end. This book has only one Yasmin story in it, but others contain four or more, so pick up the one that has the amount of Yasmin stories you want to read. (J ABC Faruqi)
A cute fantasy about discovering a magical world and dragons. Jaxon is upset when his mother decides to leave him with a grandmother he never knew about while she goes to court for the day. Only, it turns out the woman isn't his grandmother, and she's a witch! Will she teach Jaxon the tricks of her trade? How does this woman know his mother? Can he keep the dragons in a bag? This book would be great for those looking for a step up from Magic Tree House. (J Fic Elliott)
Miss Diana's Reviews
In this amazing tale, fifteen-year-old, maidservant Dashti faithfully spends seven years imprisoned in a tower with her sixteen-year-old mistress Saren because of her refusal to marry a man she hated. During these long years, the two had little to eat and endured extreme temperatures, Dashti managed to keep themselves alive. Situations continued to grow more complex as two suitors came to visit the tower and Dashti had difficult decisions to keep their survival going. Throughout this beautifully written book, each scene unfolds into to the next with great danger and anticipation. (J Fic Hale, J CD Fic Hale)
Twelve year old Duane receives his grandfather’s old riding mower for a birthday present and decides to make some money mowing lawns. It just so happens there’s quite a demand for someone to mow lawns in this neighborhood that summer. With the advice of his new friend Arnold, a stock broker, Duane’s income grows quite rapidly in this short, fast-paced novel. The numbers, financial terminology and laughter increase as the story unfolds. There are a number of fun surprises and business lessons to be learned and you’ll be happy to know there’s a sequel. (J FIC Paulsen)
If you’re in need of inspiration, read a biography. Better yet, read one about Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Ruth was encouraged as a child by her mother to get a good education but she also soon learned, and was bothered by, how unfair traditions, rules and laws were for many people. Throughout her entire life she was always listening, thinking, learning, and determined to bring justice in America. Her persistence is highly motivating. Any book about her is worth your while. (J BIOGRAPHY Ginsburg, Ruth Bader)
Your Reviews
This book is awesome, awesome, awesome. There is a very exciting part where Bird gets webbed up by a giant spider. I like it because it is freaky and funny at the same time. Another scene that I really enjoyed was when there was a crazy karate chipmunk that slammed Bird around and Squirrel said, "Now there's something you don't see every day, Birdie." This part of the book makes me smile. Overall, this book made me laugh out loud, get freaked out, and smile all at the same time. I have read this book several times and highly recommend it to other kids. For me, it is a quick and easy read.

~Review from Ari M., age 8.5, through Beanstack
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Children's Room Highlights
From Miss Sam:
5 Favorite Books Related to Baking

Like most people, I love a good dessert. My mother loves baking, so I’m definitely spoiled by preferring her homemade items. I could have probably filled this entirely with books from our baking section (641.5) but decided to branch out to some other areas. Here are the few I decided to highlight this month.

  1. A Big Mooncake for Little Star by Grace Lin. A mom and her daughter, Little Star, bake a huge mooncake together and then go to sleep. Little Star can't stop thinking about that mooncake though. Surely nothing will go wrong if she takes one little bite... This story is inspired by the author's love of Autumn Moon Festivals. STORIES--Lin, Grace
  2. A Tangle of Knots by Lisa Graff. Cady lives in upstate New York, in a town where many people have Talents. Her Talent is being able to bake the perfect cake for anyone within a few minutes of meeting them. An orphan, take searching for her forever family, add a mysterious blue suitcase, a woman who can’t speak any more, a devious Owner and a best friend whose two younger brothers have Talents for spitting and getting lost, and you get yourself a story that’s heartwarming and fun. J FIC Graff
  3. Baking With Dad by Aurora Cacciapuoti. This book captures the joy (and mess) of baking with children. An unnamed narrator goes through the process of baking something delicious and delightful with Dad, just in time for the baking recipient to come home. So much fun. STORIES Cacciapuoti, Aurora
  4. Geology is a Piece of Cake by Katie Coppens. What is a book about geology doing on this list? Well this is not JUST a book about geology. It’s learning about geology through cake! Local author Coppens makes learning about rocks fun AND delicious.  J 551 Coppens
  5. Maker Comics: Bake Like a Pro by Falynn Koch. Sage is assigned to learn the art of baking, but she’s so mad about. Baking is NOT the alchemy she wanted to learn! Slowly, she learns the magic of combining ingredients in specific temperatures and the science behind making delicious baked goods. Recipes to try are included. J Graphic 641.5 Koch
From Miss Diana:
5 Favorite Pirate Books

Need a laugh? Here are some books sure to tickle your funny bone. 

  1. Pirate Bob by Kathryn Lasky. This is a fun, colorful, and informative adventure of what Bob the Pirate does to earn his keep throughout his days on the far seas. STORIES Lasky, Kathryn
  2. Edward and the Pirates by David McPhail.  In this beautifully illustrated book, Edward has recently discovered the joy of reading and his imagination brings many realistic characters into his bedroom at night, including a band of rough, illiterate pirates coming for his treasured book. STORIES McPhail, David
  3. Dirty Joe the Pirate: A True Story by Bill Harley. If you think the word underpants is funny, then read this rhyming book about how Dirty Joe battles against the female crew from an enemy sister ship and what they all consider to be treasure. STORIES Harley, Bill
  4. The Pirate Pig by Cornelia Funke. Sailors Stout Sam and his sidekick Pip have discovered their pet pig is good at sniffing out treasure and so begins a whirlwind of keeping their secret and saving their beloved pig from a greedy pirate named Barracuda Bill. J ABC Funke
  5. Pirate by Richard Platt. This nonfiction Eyewitness Book is full of pirate information, facts, illustrations, and photographs of genuine artifacts. It was written for those of you who love to learn more about real pirates. J 910.45 Platt
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