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February & March 2021
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Miss Sam's Reviews
Princess Pinecone wants a warrior pony for her birthday. Instead, she gets a plump, goofy pony. How can she prove she is a real warrior now? Beaton’s illustrations are charming, and the humor is spot-on, especially if your child enjoys a good fart joke. (ENCHANTING TALES-- Beaton)
Mo Jackson is a boy who loves sports. He may not be the best at any of them, but he’s the most enthusiastic! In this book, Mo has to practice passing in basketball before the big game. Can he figure out the secret of a good pass? Mo has other adventures in five other sports for you to read, too. (Beginner-- Adler, David A.)
Minli lives with her family at the base of Fruitless Mountain. By day, they work to get enough rice to eat. By night, her father tells her fantastical stories about dragons and the Man in the Moon. One day Minli buys a goldfish to bring her family good fortune. Her mother considers the purchase wasteful, and so Minli sets the fish free. This launches her on an adventure to find the Man in the Moon and bring a better life to her and her family. Lin weaves Chinese myths and folk tales into her story seamlessly. This book also makes an excellent read-aloud for families. (J Fic Lin, J CD Fic Lin)
Miss Diana's Reviews
In this beautifully illustrated picture book you will meet a variety of animals and learn of their qualities as they colorfully guide a sad moose who lacks confidence. At the turn of each page you will be awed by the monthly gemstones and encouragement with rhyme and lessons for its main character. Everyone should read this book. (STORIES Dey, Joy Morgan)
In this timeless junior fiction book, fifth grader, Dave Packer learns about how Gandhi chose to be silent one day each week. Inspired by Gandhi’s self-control and frustrated with an annoying, chatty classmate, Lynsey, he challenges her, and the rest of the fifth grade class, to an interesting and amazing contest. See how the humor and relationships develop between Dave’s peers and school staff by simply, not talking. (J FIC Clements, Andrew)
If you read for inspiration in real people, choose from one, or more, of our large selection of Who Is, or Who Was biographies. This 101 page book covers many important highlights and hardship of George Washington Carver’s life from childhood through his legacies. Being a great lover of nature and gardening, he was continuously motivated to learn and do research with plants and soil. Then in turn, he used this knowledge to help and teach poor farmers how to become more self-sufficient, and live healthier, more fruitful lives. (J BIOGRAPHY Carver, George Washington)
Your Reviews
This is about a girl named Robin. Her friend's birthday is coming up. Her school has a currency called Bonus Bucks and with enough Bonus Bucks she can buy a "principal for the day" award for her friend. However, it costs 200 Bonus Bucks and she doesn't have enough. There are only three days left until her birthday. What will Robin do to get enough Bonus Bucks?

~Review from Henrietta C., age 10
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Children's Room Highlights
From Miss Sam:
5 Favorite Jacqueline Woodson Books

In honor of both Black History and Women’s History Month, I’ll be sharing some of my favorites by the author Jacqueline Woodson. Woodson is a stunning talent that can write for all ages, from babies to adults. Here are some of her titles in the children’s room that I think you will enjoy.

  1. Brown Girl Dreaming. Woodson’s memoir told in free verse, this is the book that really drew me in to Woodson’s writing. J BIOGRAPHY Woodson
  2. The Day You Begin. Chances are, if you feel like an outsider, you are not alone. Rigoberto, an immigrant from Venezuela, is about to find this out. STORIES--Woodson
  3. Each Kindness. Kindness doesn’t always come easily, but it can ripple outward in ways you don’t expect. STORIES--Woodson
  4. Locomotion. Lonnie processes his life after the death of his parents and being separated from his younger sister in this novel-in-verse. J 811 Woodson
  5. The Other Side. Although separated by a fence, a white girl and a black girl get to know each other at a time when that was frowned upon. STORIES--Woodson
From Miss Diana:
5 Books about Bunnies

If a new bunny book comes in, I have to read it. Here are five of my favorites. 

  1. Bear and Bunny by Daniel Manus Pinkwater, illustrated by Will Hillenbrand. The friendship between Bear and Bunny is as sweet as the illustrations in this picture book, where the two unexperienced characters talk about having their first pet. STORIES Pinkwater, Daniel
  2. Listen Buddy by Helen Lester, Illustrated by Lynn Munsinger.  Buddy, a young rabbit with oversized ears, doesn’t use them to their potential. But when he meets up with a short tempered Scruffy Varmint, an urgent life lesson may have to be learned. STORIES Lester, Helen
  3. Huge Harold written and illustrated by Bill Peet. Being a rabbit has its own troubles, but being a HUGE rabbit has even more. Loveable Harold has some big problems because of his size until he meets someone who appreciate him for who he is. STORIES Peet, Bill
  4. Borrowing Bunnies: A Surprising True Tale of Fostering Rabbits by Cynthia Lord. If you love rabbits as much as the author Cynthia Lord, you’ll love this true story, along with actual photos, about her taking care of bunnies, until they found permanent homes. J 636.9 Lord, Cynthia
  5. Because of the Rabbit by Cynthia Lord. Discover how one rabbit’s existence in 5th grader Emma’s life can help her friendships unfold. J FIC Lord, Cynthia
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