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I was called in to review a home that was struggling to attract buyers. It was in a great location, close to schools, shops and a train station, so what was making the home unattractive to buyers? Why weren't buyers jumping at a chance to visit the property?

In today's housing market, it's important to recognise the power of pictures. With many buyers choosing to trawl the internet as their first point of call when searching for their new home, the pictures of your home tell a story and should attract buyers. Every photo should show the buyer how lovely it is to live in your home.

My client's home wasn't attracting buyers, which was plainly obvious because they'd had no viewings in a two year period. 

Focusing on the lounge, which is one of the main persuaders in any home for attracting buyers, my client's room was lifeless and unappealing. It had a mismatch of furniture and lacked personality to appeal to their buyer profile.

I decided to shake up the room using colour, texture and styling techniques to create a stylish room appealing to their buyer profile.

Out went the dark red cushions and in came a refreshing colour change of sunny yellow. The yellow colour helped reduce the dominance of the chocolate sofas.

Out went the mismatched furniture and in came a wooden shelving unit creating an attractive and welcoming display area. The wooden shelving unit complimented the TV unit bringing a sense of consistency to the lounge.

Out went the office chair and in came a refreshing feature chair. The feature chair, floor lamp and shelving unit created an attractive vignette, or mini story, as buyers walked in the room.

Since my makeover, the property is now attracting buyers who are literally running through the front door to see the house.

The lounge now tells a story of how lovely it is to live in this family home.

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