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Digital Positioner CMSH

with HART Communication


Ideal for control applications

The VTOP is ideal for control applications with positioner and additional instrumentation. The pneumatic extension modules facilitate a complete setup, without tedious searches for components and time-consuming installation, and thus greatly simplify maintenance.

The CMSH is an intelligent, digital positioner. It provides fast and precise position control of a process valve with single-acting and double-acting pneumatic rotary and linear actuators. Thanks to the large ambient temperature range of –40 ... +80°C and its high degree of protection (IP66/67), it can also be used under harsh operating conditions.

Configuration and operation can be performed locally on an LC display using operating buttons. A HART interface permits remote access and integration into higher-level systems.

Learn about Festo CMSH Digital Positioner

Multifunctional Robot Screwdriver

with Screw Feeder

Boost productivity and quality

Automated screwdriving to boost productivity and quality has never been easier, smarter, or more cost-effective. The OnRobot intelligent Screwdriver speeds setup and programming, with everything you need right out of the box.

You can easily automate assembly processes with the new intelligent OnRobot Screwdriver for light industrial and collaborative robots. Intelligent error detection and multiple screw size handling will ensure consistent results and reduce your cycle time dramatically.

Simply mount the Screwdriver on any leading robot arm and install the appropriate bit, then enter screw length and torque directly into the robot’s user interface.

Learn about Intelligent Screwdriving

Laser Photoelectric Sensor for Transparent Object Detection

Easy to set up, finely adjustable laser

DR-Q Series transparent object detection sensor with coaxial laser beam and digital display offers long sensing range and easy set up.


The Automatic Sensitivity Correction (ASC) function automatically corrects threshold values to reduce the amount of light generated when dust, water, vapor, etc., on site adheres to the reflector or lens, thereby maintaining optimum sensitivity over long periods of time.

  • High-power Class 2 Laser for Stable Detection
  • Coaxial Retro Reflective Optical System for Accurate Detection
  • Easy Teach and Threshold Adjustment with Digital Display
  • Long Detection Range of 1.5m and 4.0m

Learn more about DR-Q Series Laser Sensors


Right-Angle Gearbox

Economical with heavy-duty output bearing

Axially space-saving, economical, IP65-compliant and designed for high radial and axial forces at the output: The new WPLHE combines all the advantages of the successful PLHE, the world's first combination of the Economy and Precision gearboxes, as a right-angle variant.

The WPLHE features both the gearing of a proven Economy gearbox and a high-performance output bearing with preloaded tapered roller bearings, which are otherwise commonly used in Precision gearboxes (such as the PLN and the PSN). This new right-angle gearbox tolerates high radial and axial forces of up to 8,000 N at the output.

Available in the three sizes 060 / 080 / 120, either as a single-stage version (in the ratio range 3 to 10) or as a two-stage version (ratios 9 to 100).

Learn more about WPLHE Right-angle Gearboxes


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