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More March Madness!

Step 1: Invite friends, co-workers and family members to purchase predictions of the total points scored in the NCAA March Madness Tournament Championship game ( April 3rd):
  • Predictions can be purchased by donating to your webpage, $5 per prediction
  • They can send their prediction(s) to you via email (make sure to confirm that their predictions are still available)
  • Make sure participants submit a winning team with each prediction
    • If there is a tie-breaker it will be based on the winning team

IMPORTANT RULE: Each participant can purchase an unlimited number of predictions. However, once a "total points scored" number has been purchased, it cannot be purchased again.

Step 2: Keep track of...
  • Who has paid
  • How many predictions each person has paid for ($10 donation = two $5 predicitions)
  • Each participant's prediction(s)

Step 3: Be involved and be helpful!
  • Make sure participants are submitting the amount of predictions they are paying for
  • Let participants know if their predictions are not valid (i.e. if someone has already purchased that score)
Step 4: The closest "total points scored" prediction determines the winner! Tie-breakers will be decided by the selection of the winning team!

50% of the money collected goes to the winner and 50% goes to dyslexia research, education and support services.

Earn a bonus!

Turn $400 into $500 this weekend! 

Receive $400 before midnight Sunday, April 2 and you will receive an additional $100.  
For every $100 you receive you get $25!
  • $100 = $125
  • $200 = $250
  • $300 = $375
  • $400 = $500
Send donation request emails today! Copy, paste, and then edit this information to request donations (add your webpage URL link and make it personalized for you).

Participant Spotlight!

Karene is at it again! She will be joining TeamQuest for her third half marathon, this time in Orange County, CA on May 7, 2017! Her personal experience with her son, Wil, who has dyslexia, inspired her to become a Certified Academic Language Therapist and active member of the International Dyslexia Association. She has spent over 17 years helping children learn to read, spell and develop other skill necessary to be successful in school.

"Running is definitely not my passion. In fact, I hate running... but I love being a student advocate, assisting parents in the educational process, and training other teachers to work with students that have dyslexia. After completing my first TeamQuest Half Marathon in San Diego last summer, I believe I can continue to show my dedication to these students by running. A half marathon is nothing compared to what my students endure learning to read."

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