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May 2018

Now that the weather is finally warming up our diets are shifting from the heavier dishes of winter to lighter fare. Find out how foods found at many of our local farmers markets can boost your brain health.

Spring brings with it babies. You've been calling us about fox sightings in suburban backyards. Find out what's up with that.

It's finally here. Tour 7 private gardens and go behind the scenes to see the best in KC. Get tips for avid and first-time gardeners.

Also in this issue:
  • changes to Medicare cards in 2018
  • why soil pH and nutrients matter,
  • Johnson County Extension Education Foundation and its impact on our programming, and
  • much more.

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Get a Better Brain with Better Nutrition
Key components to better brain health include sleep, exercise, and good nutrition. But is there a way to target our brain health? Find out what four foods help boost our brain power.
Farmers Markets in Johnson County
There are eight farmers’ markets in Johnson County gearing up for the season. Find out who's open now. We list the what, where and when.
Fox in Johnson County
Our office has gotten some calls about fox sightings in Johnson County backyards. Litters from winter breeding were born at the end of March or early April. Should you be concerned if you have a fox family in your yard? Find out here .
New Medicare Cards in 2018
In order to better protect against identity theft, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is issuing new Medicare cards. Find out when you'll get yours, and the Ten Things You Need to Know.
JCEEF and you
Johnson County Extension Education Foundation
With budgets tightening at all levels of government, the role of the Johnson County Extension Education Foundation is crucial in expanding the educational outreach of our office. Learn more on how you can contribute to our efforts to serve our county residents.
Seven private gardens: May 18 & 19
EMG Public Garden Tour
The best garden tour in the Midwest is just weeks away and happens right in your own backyard. Tour these beautiful private gardens while you can. It's your chance to learn and get new ideas for your own yard. EMG volunteers have been hard at work making sure the gardens shine.
Defining Sun Requirements for Plants
Full sun. Part sun. Part shade. Shade. Trying to figure out plant labels can be confusing. Plus, what works in full sun in Seattle may not work in full sun here in KC. We shed light on local sun/shade conditions and understanding light exposure.
The Invasion of the Japanese Beetle
We keep getting asked, "Will they return?" The questions keep coming after the worst season ever for Japanese beetles in 2017. At this point we don’t know. But, it's more than likely. Our friends at the University of Kentucky Extension have been dealing with this longer than us. Read their excellent fact sheet Japanese Beetles in the Urban Environment .
Soil pH and nutrients
A request came through on our Facebook page asking about soil pH, symptoms and ways to resolve issues here in Johnson County. Extension has long recommended that a soil test is the basis for a proper soil fertility program. Find out how pH and nutrients impact your lawn and garden.
Y ou're Invited: May 9
Backyard Garden Open Garden Wednesdays
We won't be having our annual Field Day this year. But have no fear, we've got you covered. The Extension Master Gardeners Backyard Garden is holding a series of free events this season. The first "open garden" is Wednesday Spring Perennial Flowers . Our volunteers will be on hand to answer all your questions. These open gardens are your only opportunity to visit the university's horticulture research center here in Olathe. Find out what grows well here in KC.
Become an Extension Master Food Volunteer
Extension Master Food Volunteers (EMFV) are trained by university-based nutritionists, registered dietitians, food scientists and culinary experts and become certified in research-based food safety and healthy living concepts. They, in turn, give voluntary service for a variety of educational outreach projects that utilize their training. If this sounds like your cup of tea apply here.
Become an Extension Master Gardener
If you have a passion for gardening, like sharing horticulture information, and love to have fun, consider volunteering with the Johnson County Extension Master Gardeners (EMGs), an educational outreach program. Program details and application form here.

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