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  Drive By Moment
a virtual view of the RPL outside sign this week

Once a Plogger...
by Andy Richmond

We all know it's vital that along with reading, viewing, and other more sedentary activities, we get some exercise as we "sit tight".  Comedian Stephen Colbert has joked that Americans are well positioned to ride out self confinement due to our years of training by sitting in front of our TVs. As sadly accurate as this may be, it really is important to move each day--as much for mind as body.  
Until any contrary recommendations from regional or national authorities are issued, socially distanced outside activity is OK, and to keep us sane, I'd have to say highly desirable. Of course  we have to be smart about it, and observe appropriate distance from others. I have been seeking out early hours and the most secluded options I can think of for running and cycling and have often returned home having seen no one else. I have to guess that those who have always enjoyed individual athletics anyway are finding this approach to be pretty natural, though with a new reflective overtone.
 Even in my reduced travels I have seen more people than ever out walking, running and riding as we all seek some solace and sunshine. Most seem to be grouping in household units, spacing adequately from others and responsibly helping prevent viral spread.
I thought this would be a good time to share another long-time and related interest.  It might even be a new word for you: plogging . This combination "sport" of running or walking while picking up trash originated in Sweden [plocka upp] in competitive form, but in practice is as simple as carrying a trash bag with you when you head out.  Wear gloves, of course, but pick up some trash as you put in the miles. Before the trees leaf out, it's easy to see the abundant litter carelessly cast out on the roadside. If we are walking, running or riding by anyway--let's pick up some trash.  Start on the return half of your loop, so you aren't lugging your bag for your full outing, or make it a point to pick up all the way and see how much
you can come up with. Neighborhoods can join forces [at appropriate distance] and really make a difference where we live.  
There is even a literary tie-in to this rewarding activity.  Author David Sedaris shares a hilarious account of his clean-up exploits as he ramps up his walking after getting a fit-bit. In his essay Stepping Out   included in his collection Calypso. [also accessible on-line in its original form as a  New Yorker story]. Though neither currently offers the Calypso
both Hoopla and Libby offer Sedaris' other work in e-book and audio book format. [he reads his own work in audio, and is relentlessly funny].
So download a David Sedaris collection in audio format and listen as you take a walk and pick up some trash.  You'll have a laugh and contribute good deeds to society as you strengthen your body and mind. And thanks!   

Remember our  hoopla resource for movies, TV, e-books, audiobooks and comics! --  All through your library card.  Free app available.

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April 3,  2020
Vol I Issue

Welcome to the first weekly Booster edition of the Rye Public Library Ripple Effect newsletter.  You'll see your RPL staff reaching out in the coming weeks to share reading suggestions, projects, programs and more!  We welcome your feedback and encourage content ideas as we bring you a new remote library service while our doors remain closed to help flatten the curve of Covid-19 spread.  
Library Staff will also be making phone calls out to our members to check-in, help with accessing our resources, or just for a quick chat.  We are happy to take any emergency requests from those in need during these calls, or any time at our phone # 964-8401 or at  We are also operating on Rye's Covid-19 Support Team and encourage any serious emergency needs to be communicated directly to the Team at 603-379-8800 or by e-mail to
We hope you continue to stay safe and secure at home as we all take a role in limiting any close personal interaction outside of household "bubbles".  Keep on top of the news and out of harm's way.

                                                                       Be Well, Andy Richmond
                                                                                     Director, RPL

 Sea Gull Distancing 
  a photo by Shawna Healy 


Shakespeare's Sonnets : Sonnet 138
by  Lisa Houde

Dinner Arty Conversation: The Sonnet - The Oxford Student

Greetings!  In this little video, I take a moment to discuss my historical love for Shakespeare and especially the sonnets, and then I recite Sonnet 138.
Note: I've never understood why, when creating a video, the captured image isn't taken right at the start when a person is smiling and looking ready, but here, you can see I'm in a weird closed-eye moment.  Ugh.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!

Shakespeare Sonnet Day 1
Shakespeare Sonnet Day 1
Multi Tasking by Zoom
                                                        by Juliette Doherty
The RPL staff recently had our first meeting from home, courtesy of Zoom.  It was good to see all the familiar faces at once. Part way through the meeting, however, my co-workers saw an empty chair in my Zoom square.   It happened that (do not try this at home) I had put some eggs on to boil before the meeting for an egg salad lunch. Oops.... I forgot all about them.   I finally realized my goof when the horrid smell made its way into the living room. I quickly shut the burner off and moved the pot off the burner, and left it all there to deal with after the meeting.  OMG. It appears that whole eggs without water on high temperature explode far and wide, and it doesn't do much for the glass top stove either. The mess was manageable, but oh the smell! Well, let's just say I'm still burning candles this morning.  Oddly, my smoke alarms did not go off, yet this morning while making toast the alarm sounded loud and clear, robbing the poor cat of one of his nine lives. Full disclosure: these incidents did indeed instigate a test of a long and happy marriage-- We survived of course.  After hearing on a newscast, however, that there is now a shortage of eggs, I am mourning my exploded eggs (did I mention they were JUMBO?) as if I've lost an eight-pack of fluffy white toilet paper! The pot did not survive, Plan B lunch was a turkey sandwich, and I realize that "work from home" does not mean  multitasking is always a good idea. That said, we are due to have our second Zoom meeting shortly, so I've started the dishwasher and thrown in a load of laundry. I'm a slow learner.
Julie is adding to her many talents during our alternate services,  She is embracing technology, writing for you, and even biking again!  Watch for more of her articles in the Booster  in coming weeks.


Librarian Read-Aloud
 by Jessica Ryan

I've started creating a series of YouTube videos, featuring readings from a variety of public domain books, short stories and poems. If you like the darker side of things, check out the Edgar Allan Poe playlist on my channel. Happy listening! :)

Librarian Reads Rumpelstiltskin from Grimm's Fairy Tales and Provides Facts About the Grimm Brothers
Librarian Reads Rumpelstiltskin from Grimm's Fairy Tales and Provides Facts About the Grimm Brothers


Marcia's Zoom Story Time
Thursday, April 9th
by Marcia Beckett
I'm excited to bring you story time via Zoom! Please join us and tell your friends. Everyone is welcome (A Rye Public Library card is not required). Please find the Zoom link at the bottom!

This week's story description:

Happy Easter!
Happy Passover!

We'll be celebrating the Spring holidays with some bunny books and the making of a bunny-ears headband. If you have some paper (any colors), glue and scissors at home, you can join me in making the headband.

Rye Public Library Rye, NH is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Marcia's Zoom Story Time 
Time: Apr 9, 2020 10:30 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 117 245 849
Password: 003909

We hope you enjoyed this week's Booster!  RPL staff worked hard to bring you their recommendations, thoughts and we hope a little levity.  We'll be sending the Booster on Fridays through upcoming weeks. Both kids and parents will find info in each edition.  Colored article blocks are specifically geared for kids!  We love to hear back from you by phone or e-mail as listed in the welcome above.  Also, please use the Covid-19 Support Team contacts listed above to report any serious needs to community services. Please take care, and see you next week!