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Geographic Flighting Survey Update
Thank you for responding to the survey sent by the SMU Senior Design Team. We had a 60.8% response rate with 2545 responses. All 65 home facilities participated, and 323 of 325 ladies teams participated. The survey results show: 34.8% of respondents say that drive time is most important; 34% say that drive time, competition, and the variety of teams played are equally important; 20.2% say that the level of competition is most important; 10% say that playing a variety of different teams is most important. 36 minutes was the average preferred drive time to and from matches. 80.6% support geographic flighting. Drive time data collection continues and will be analyzed to see how it aligns with the survey data; drive time data will be compared against the facilities that our members preferred to not drive to; and the students will begin creating models that retain the priorities in the survey. The students will be analyzing the correlations in this data and will present us with their conclusions and several options to consider next month.