Footwear With Care's Boot Party will be held at Our Cathedral at 45 Church Street in Hartford on Saturday, December 8, 2018 from 9:00 am - 1:00 pm.

 The North Central Region is hosting this year’s Boot Party in collaboration with Footwear With Care, The Hartford Police Department, Fleet Feet of West Hartford, CT Podiatric Association and several other organizations throughout the Greater Hartford Community. 

With your help, the North Central Region of ECCT hopes to provide each guest with a new pair of water-resistant winter gloves, a bar of soap, deodorant, and hand lotion . Please note that the care packages are slightly different than last year's. Many of our guests last year asked if we had warm gloves available, we heard their requests and are seeking to meet their need. Also, while we appreciate your generosity, please do not provide razors, mouthwash, hand sanitizer, or other items not requested. If you feel moved to contribute different items than the ones listed, please contact The Rev. Bonnie Matthews, Deacon, first at .
Please see our packing list below which identifies specific sizes, amounts, and brands for each item.  All items should be contained in 1 gallon ziplock bags to create individual personal care packages. For a printable packing list click here .
Men’s Care Package
New Men’s Lg. Water-Resistant Gloves*
4oz Bar Dove Soap
3oz Degree Men’s Deodorant
3oz Hand Lotion
Women’s Care Package
New Women’s Lg. Water-Resistant Gloves*
4oz Bar Dove Soap
3oz Dove Women’s Deodorant
3oz Hand Lotion
* While we celebrate the knitters in our community for their talent, we are asking that you please not submit handmade gloves or mittens as they are not water-resistant, a particularly important feature for our homeless guests who do not have the ability to dry their gloves easily.


All items must be delivered to a drop-off site by December 1 . We are still coordinating drop-off locations throughout the region. The locations, days and hours for drop-off will be posted by mid-November on our Region Website, the NC Region Facebook Page and in the upcoming NC Region Quarterly. If your parish would like to volunteer to be a drop-off site, please email The Rev. Bonnie Matthews at as soon as possible.


We are seeking volunteers to serve at the Boot Party from 8:30 am through 1 pm , either for the whole time or in shifts. Perhaps you can volunteer some time to clean a guest’s feet and provide a gentle touch foot massage while listening to the stories the guests need to tell. If gentle touch message is not one of your gifts, we also need and welcome volunteers to act as hosts , distribute lunches and serve as boot runners. Free parking will be available in the MAT garage on the day of the Boot Party.

For more information or to volunteer please contact The Rev. Bonnie Matthews at: .


Finally, we would like to express deep gratitude to those who participated last year. With your help we met the needs of over 500 people in the Greater Hartford Area.