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In this newsletter, we talk about boot bags and the different styles and sizes. Getting the correct boot bag makes carrying your gear a lot easier. Let's look at some features.
Small boot bags hold boots, goggles, socks, and gloves. Some are large enough to hold helmets depending on your boot size. These boot bags are perfect for day trips. Small bags normally have just one compartment meaning all your gear is in with your boots.
Some small boot bags have multiple compartments. This way your gear stays separate from your boots. The middle storage compartment is available in different sizes. The bigger the compartment, the more you can carry. These are some of our most popular boot bags.
Now we move up to cargo bags. These are also good for day trips but they hold more gear. Some are large enough to hold two pair of boots and gear. They are a good choice for weekend trips as they can hold boots, helmet, goggles, gloves, pants, tops, base layers, and more. They usually have a separate compartment for your boots.
Then there are large cargo bags. These are the way to go for vacations. They can hold your boots, gear, and clothes for a week. Most can hold multiple pairs of boots. And when you have that much gear, the bag can get heavy so many of these bags have wheels on one end with a handle on the other for easy transporting.
One other type of bag that you should know about, is a HEATED boot bag. Why a heated bag? Well first of all, your boots will be warm making putting them on easier. Second, you start the day off with warm boots so your feet won't get cold as quickly. Also, all the gear you have in the heated bag like socks and gloves will be warm when you put them on. A heated boot bag can plug into your vehicle so warms your gear on the way or plug into the house so you can dry your boots overnight.
Boot bags make great Christmas gifts!
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