To stay ahead of your competitors you should contact your boat show leads now!

According to a recent Lead Response Report from, up to 50 % of sales ultimately go to the company that responds first!

Data from EXHIBITOR Magazine's Sales Lead Survey indicates that just 62 % of exhibiting leads are contacted within five days. Only 22 % of exhibitors respond within two days.

If you want to be among the first companies to contact your prospects, you clearly need to reach them within 48 hours of the show.  

How you follow up on your contacts depends on their strategic value, but all prospects should get a “thank-you” message per email or any other channel you prefer. Hot prospects should be called by sales reps and the rest should be inventoried by other colleagues. And it should be done THIS week!  

Will your company manage that? If not, outsource your follow up project to the capable professionals of Nautical Trade Pilots!  

Contact me today to discuss how NTP could handle your pool of prospects and make sure you are able to seize all sales opportunities!

Looking forward to your response per email, social media or phone!

Dirk Agter



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