Vol 9
February 2019
For the last several years, Mexicans have not been the largest group crossing into the US without documents. Instead, the largest group has come from Central America and in particular the countries of Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. While overall the numbers have gone down, the numbers from these three countries have increased dramatically. To understand why, please join us for the special Breakfast & the Border event at Canoa Golf Resort on Tuesday, February 19. Consul General Virginia Staab will give us a valuable perspective from her work in the US Consulate in Guatemala. Now head of the US Consulate in Nogales, Mexico, Consul General Staab felt the call to go into diplomatic service after 9/11 after a career in the private sector. As a person, she brings warmth and commitment to her work. I first met her when she talked with our summer interns in June. I liked her honesty and her ability to engage students in important conversations. She will be an excellent presenter. To reserve your spot at the February 19 “Breakfast & the Border” gathering, click the link or at www.bordercommunityalliance.org or call Shauna at 520-398-3229. The cost (including a hot breakfast) is $25 for non-members and $20 for members. Jerry Haas
Celebrate with Us!
Did you know the Border Community Alliance is now five years old? Five years ago a small group of visionaries and idealists signed papers of incorporation to transform an idea into a reality. Today we are bursting at the seams with projects, events and talent. This does not happen with every non-profit and so we are planning to celebrate.
Please save the date: Wednesday, March 13, for BCA’s five-year Celebration Banquet. More information about this exciting event will be coming soon, so plan now to join us. Together we have accomplished much!                    Jerry Haas
BCA TRAVEL as a Political Act
Popular travel expert Rick Steves’ book “Travel as a Political Act” was the topic of a recent class that I led at BMO Harris Bank. We had a lively discussion, sharing places where we had been and how travel to other countries had shaped our view of the world. In this broader context, “politics” is no so much about the political party you belong to, but how you think society should be organized and what it means to be a good citizen. After the class ended, I got to thinking about how my own view of the world has been shaped by the travel I’ve done in my life: West Berlin in 1967 where I worked one summer while in college; Mozambique in 2001; numerous times to South Africa; visits to Russia, South Korea and India. Then I thought about how my travel with BCA has shaped my perspective. I love the way travel with Alex and Alma and others helps me to see the bigger picture, the good with the bad, recognizing that there is more than one way to do things, and people are more creative than you think. What has traveling with BCA done for you? Send me an email: jndhaas@gmail.com Jerry 
Any of you who have taken the Nogales tour with Alma Cota de Yanez know the term “social investors.” It’s her way of challenging us to do more than charity. We learn, we relate, we listen for what’s needed. Did you know that all of our tours include social investment? For example, every time we take a group on a Gastronomic Tour, BCA makes a donation of $100 to the Down Association’s culinary skills program. Students in this program learn how to make delicious apple pastries sold at local coffee shops. That’s social investment. Another example is our upcoming Kino Bay Tour, which includes a visit to a Seri Indian village and school. We’ll be donating hard-to-get school supplies to this remote spot. And that act illustrates another important component of social investment – thinking long-term. So thank you for joining us in practicing what this means. Jerry Haas

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Reservations for this event must be made through the Tubac Presidio (520) 398-2252
Reservations for this event must be made through the Tubac Presidio (520) 398-2252
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Here & Now Tour

Surprising Hermosillo
Beautiful Rio Sonora Tour
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Let's Go to Spain

Madrid - Caceres - Merida, - Sevilla - Cadiz - Cordoba - Castilla La Mancha
Extremadura and Andalucia

May 27- June 8, 2019

Oaxaca 2020
THE MAGIC OF OAXACA! Almost 300 people came out for our event at the West Center on January 15! Porfirio Gutierrez brought a deep spiritual presence to his presentation on his native region, revealing a love for the land, his ancestors and the natural dye-making process. His beautiful rugs shimmered with creative vitality. Many, many people expressed thanks for the day and signed up for more information about BCA’s tour to Oaxaca next year (January 2020). As of this date, the exact dates and price have not been set so stay tuned and we’ll get that information to you as soon as it is confirmed. Meanwhile, savor the memory of the day and the special chocolate Minerva Rincon prepared. Jerry Haas
BCA welcomes Susan Scott
 Retired human resource officer Susan Scott recently joined BCA’s Board of Directors, filling a position vacated by Bob Reid. Susan found out about BCA last year while on the Tour to Spain, led by Alex La Pierre, Luis Valle and Rocio Preciado. She is no stranger to the southwest, having gone to school at the University of Arizona before her career took her to the West Coast. When she retired, she decided that since she had always lived in urban areas, she wanted to try a more rural setting. That led her to Sonoita, where she is an active leader and volunteer. When she was asked why she wanted to serve on BCA’s board, she talked about how much she believes in BCA’s mission “Bridging the Border and fostering community through education, collaboration and cultural exchange.” We are delighted to have Susan join us and welcome the opportunity to learn more about “the other side of the mountain” (Sonoita) where she lives and how we can relate to that fascinating area.
Cecilia Quade, BCA Board President
Volunteer Spotlight
VOLUNTEERING FOR BCA - The Border Community Alliance values its volunteers! In fact, we are a volunteer organization, with only two staff people, so we really need your help in order to fulfill our mission “bridging the border and fostering community.” If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out an application and return it to Cecilia Quade, BCA’s President and Volunteer Coordinator ( csquade@comcast.net ). She’ll follow through with a phone call and face-to-face interview to find the best spot for you. The next Volunteer Orientation is Wednesday, January 9 at 2:00 pm in the BCA office (2221 E Frontage Road, Suite F-201/202. Come, join us in this valuable way!    Click here for application or call the office (520-398-3229)
Myriam and Ian Glennie and Richard Quade at Membrillo Festival
Sara Martin at Green Valley Volunteer Fair.
Donation Opportunities
Q ualified Charitable Distribution
Jim Hoff
Although the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 will benefit many individuals by reducing their federal income tax, it also may have a significant and negative impact on charitable giving in the United States. Because more and more taxpayers may choose to take the standard deduction rather than itemizing staring this year, they will not be eligible for tax savings from donations to churches or other eligible nonprofit organizations. As a result, these organizations may see a significant drop in charitable contributions.
However, if you are over age 70 ½ and have retirement funds invested in an IRA, there is a way you can take advantage of the higher standard deduction and still receive a direct tax benefit for charitable contributions. This can be accomplished by using some of the funds in your IRA to make a Qualified Charitable Contribution (QCD) directly from to a qualified charity. read more
2019 Intern Program
Welcome to 2019 and the beginning of planning for our 2019 Internship Program! We are looking forward to another exciting six weeks this summer with the new group of interns. The Internship Program is an important part of helping BCA accomplish its mission. Since 2011, the intensive six-week program has exposed participants to the economic, social, and cultural aspects of border life and provided them the opportunity to become engaged in cross- border activities while living on the border in Nogales, AZ.
It is a life-changing experience for the participants – career paths are chosen, attitudes are changed, horizons are broadened. Participants share their experiences and increased knowledge of border life with family and colleagues. The BYTE Program was an outgrowth of Charlie Cutler’s internship with BCA in 2015. Other participants have joined the Peace Corps, worked with AmeriCorps, become interns with the IRC, entered law school, and become engaged in leadership activities wherever their lives lead.
Our participants are intelligent young adults and a joy to interact with while they are here. I would encourage any of you who are interested to volunteer in our program. There are opportunities to provide transportation, help process applications, act as escorts for scheduled activities, and just generally provide support to our interns and program.
Diane Brooks, BCA Internship Program Coordinator
WEBSITE FIXES: Our new website is up and running and we love the look and the graphics. Some of you have given us valuable feedback with suggestions to improve its access and functionality. Changes are being made now that we think you’ll like. Thanks for your help and patience!   Jerry Haas
All travelers on BCA tours to Nogales Mexico must have a valid (not expired) passport, passport card, Sentri or Global Entry card. All travelers on BCA tours to destinations beyond Nogales (e.g. Magdalena, Hermosillo, Rio Sonora, Kino Bay, Cananea, etc) must have a valid (not expired) passport.  (NOTE: passport cards, Sentri or Global entry cards are not accepted at the immigration checkpoint KM 21. Also note that regular or “enhanced” driver’s licenses [good for Canada] are not accepted at the US-Mexico Border.)
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