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August 2018
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Aug 23- Battle of Nogales- Axel Holm Presentation

Sept 20- Gastronomic Tour
Sept 21- Magdalena Here & Now Tour
Sept 22- Concert- St. Francis in the Valley (in partnership with the Mexican Consulate)
Sept 27- Cross Border Tour- Nogales
Sept 28 - Videography in the Borderlands- Mike Foster

Oct 6- Gastronomic Tour
Oct 10- Magdalena Here & Now Tour
Oct 12- Tumacacori Meet the Authors Event (Non BCA Event no registration needed)
Oct 18- Cross Border Tour -Nogales
Oct 19- 21 Rio Sonora Tour
Oct 23- Fall Round Up Breakfast @ Canoa Ranch: Richard Collins Riding Behind the Padre
Oct 24- Moorish Legacies- Alex La Pierre
Oct 25- Cross Border Tour-Nogales
Oct 26- Magdalena Here & Now Tour
Oct 26- Day of the Dead Videography - Mike Foster
Oct 31- Cross Cultural Communication- Rick Morritz

Nov 2-4 Hermosillo Tour
Nov 6, 13 & 20- US Immigration Then & Now w/ Jim Hoff (Part 1, 2 & 3)
Nov 8- Cross Border Tour -Nogales
Nov 10- Migrants and the Food Chain- Minerva Orduno
Nov 12- Birding in the Borderlands
Nov 24- Writing the Santa Cruz River Retreat- Lee Anne Gallaway-Mitchell & Jerry Haas
Nov 29- Cross Border Tour- Nogales
Nov 30 - Magdalena Here & Now Tour

Dec 1 & 2 Tumacacori Festival (Non BCA Event no registration needed)
Dec 11- Ranching in the Borderlands
Dec 13- Cross Border Tour- Nogales
Dec 14- Magdalena Here & Now Tour
Dec 15- Gastronomic Tour
THE BORDER LINE…Driving to the office this morning was like swimming through a long green tunnel, the foliage along the roadside lush and verdant. The summer rains aka the monsoons have blessed our mountains, hills and ditches with over five inches of rain – much more in some places – I can’t stop taking pictures in my mind and gloating just a bit at the wondrous beauty. In the Borderlands we have two summers – a dry one (May, June) and a wet one (July, August). In spite of my allergies, I love the wet one; most of us do….The border is still a harsh place. Poverty and injustice are not hard to find. Migrants fleeing violence in Central America still bring their hopes to Nogales. There are fewer people camped at the port of entry, waiting for an asylum hearing, but there are still some. A hundred years ago this month the Battle of Nogales took place in which dozens, perhaps hundreds of people were killed (estimates vary widely) and many more were wounded. This border and perhaps most borders are places of friction, misunderstanding, covert and sometimes overt violence….Yet the green hills beg us to look for the good in the midst of the difficult. Or as one of our summer interns, Caleb Wilson said, “After six weeks, I leave the Borderlands having seen more generosity and compassion here than the hatred and bigotry I might have expected.” (paraphrase) Thank you Caleb, and thanks to everyone who helps us see what otherwise might be missed.  Jerry Haas
Last month we suggested readers concerned about families waiting at the border for an asylum hearing might want to make a contribution to the San Juan Bosco Migrant Shelter in Nogales, Mexico, one of the regular stops on our tour. For more than 35 years, Francisco and Gilda Loureiro have provided food and shelter for migrants traveling north or south, an amazing commitment to serving those in need. They do this every single day and night, whether the news media focuses on the border or not, incorporating the most recent surge into their routine. Thanks to your generosity over $2000 was sent to the shelter, enough to provide more than 130 meals and nights of lodging. Pictured above is Gilda Loureiro, holding the check. From left to right: Alma Cota de Yanez, FESAC Director; Jerry Haas; Francisco; Gilda; and Luis Torres, President of FESAC. FESAC is our Mexican partner NGO that provides community support for the Shelter and many other non-profits in
VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: BCA is looking for volunteers to help host various events and receptions, including Borderlands Forum classes, tours and special gatherings. If you are interested, please fill out a Volunteer Application (available online) or call the office (520-398-3229). Thanks! 
Intern Presentation
2018 closes with a great turn out!
The 2018 BCA Intern program began with the screening of nine applicants and the acceptance of six, one of whom declined. The five who accepted included three students from Sciences Po in France, one from George Washington University in Washington, DC, and one from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. They hailed from Germany, Colombia, Massachusetts, North Carolina, and California (via South Africa). As the youngest, and probably most diverse group to date, they brought a wide range of experiences and ideals. Their schedule included a broad range of exposure to various entities on both sides of the border with the aim of educating them about life and culture on both sides. All agreed that it was a life changing experience. They have returned to their respective schools and communities with broadened outlooks on the border which they will, hopefully, share with their families and peers and utilize to influence the future. Diane Brooks

Congratulations to Alex La Pierre
voted one of
AZ19 Region’s Most Influential People of 2018!

This is the first year for the honor, given by the Green Valley News, Sahuarita Sun and Nogales International. The award recognizes outstanding people who have touched lives in communities along the I-19 corridor. A panel chose the winners from among dozens of nominations made by the public. Read recognition letter

At BCA we are always encouraging people to read books about the Borderlands, its history, culture and current situation. I propose starting a monthly book club to encourage each other and broaden the conversation. If you are interested, come to the BCA office on Wednesday, Sept. 5 at 10:00 am to brainstorm ideas and get started. If you are not able to join us in the office that day, just email me to let you know you want to join and I’ll keep you informed. There’s so much good stuff to read out there!                                                     Jerry Haas – jndhaas@gmail.com
BCA is looking for volunteers to help host various events and receptions, including Borderlands Forum classes, tours and special gatherings. If you are interested, please fill out a Volunteer Application (available online) or call the office (520-398-3229). Thanks! 
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