Vol 11
April 2019
Thank you, Rocio!
One of the more noticeable and attractive things about BCA is the graphic design work. Take a look at our flyers or at the logo that was created for BCA’s Fifth Anniversary Banquet and you’ll recognize the style: striking, thoughtful and intriguing! So who does our graphic designs? Her name is Rocio Preciado and yes, she’s the wife of Alex La Pierre. We are so lucky to have her donate her talent to our organization.
The Fifth Anniversary logo tells a story. It’s mural art, invited us as readers to unravel what we see. Let you eye slowly scan the logo and give your mind time to identify what’s there. The mask at the top left reminds us of the indigenous masks of the Yaqui and Mayo people. To the right are the two flags, Mexico and the US. Below is one of the mission churches, established by Padre Kino. Then there’s the Mono Bichi statue, a landmark in Nogales. The wheelchair – that’s ARSOBO. Soon you begin to realize what’s reflected here is BCA’s story, the many adventures we’ve been on and the attitude we hope to instill. Thank you, Rocio, for this gift to BCA. You have really helped us celebrate who we are. ~ Jerry
ARIZONA GIVES- April 2, 2019
How do you choose to make an impact in this world!?
Today is April 2, Arizona Gives Day. It is a day for empowering nonprofits and paying it forward in recognition of the work of this vital 'third sector' in the creation of thriving communities.
Nationally, there is a magnifying lens on the borderlands region and there has't been a more important time than NOW to support the mission of nonprofit Border Community Alliance.

  • We choose to bridge the border and foster community between our nations of Mexico an the United States through education, collaboration and cultural exchange.
  • We choose - through these mediums - to undertake the task of breaking the tired myths of the border.
  • We choose to be the community resource in identifying ways to bring two nations together rather than further dividing.
  • We choose to advocate for a policy of binational social investment, acknowledging a community that helps others, helps itself.
Would you choose to extend a hand for the collective good as international neighbors and make an impact today in supporting BCA as a necessary community resource?


The following information may be of interest

·         INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP: $50 per year, renewable on the anniversary of the contribution. Individual members receive a discount on BCA tours and events. The membership fee is tax-deductible. Student membership is $25 per year.

·         FAMILY MEMBERSHIP: $75 per year, renewable on the anniversary of the contribution. Two members of the household receive a discount on BCA tours and events. The membership fee is tax-deductible.

·          BOOSTER: Contribution of $500 or more to BCA general fund, intern program or endowment. Membership privileges for three years, as well as special recognition events free.

·         ENTREPRENEUR: Contribution of $2000 or more to BCA general fund, intern program or endowment. All membership privileges for five years, plus participation in BCA leadership circle events. 

·          FOUNDER: Contribution of $5000 or more to BCA general fund, intern program or endowment. Lifetime membership plus all the privileges above.

We are grateful to all of you for your support and encouragement as we seek to fulfill our mission: Bridging the Border and Fostering Community through Education, Collaboration and Cultural Exchange. Besides these five levels, BCA and FESAC together recognize SOCIAL INVESTORS as those who contribute directly or in-kind $500 or more to Mexican projects through our Pass Thru program. It is through our generosity, I believe, that we discover who we truly are.                                   Jerry Haas
Donating to BCA using a Qualified Charitable Distribution
Donating to BCS using a Qualified Charitable Distribution
Starting this year, over 95% of Americans may not claim itemized deductions on their 2018 Federal Income Tax, opting instead for the new and larger standard deduction. Although using the new standard deduction may reduce taxes for many this year, it also may have a significant and negative impact on charitable giving. As more and more taxpayers cease to itemize their tax deductions, the tax value of charitable giving disappears; and as a result, charitable organizations may see a significant drop in contributions. In fact, Forbes Magazine estimates that overall charitable contributions in the U.S. may decline by as much as 7% due to the latest Federal tax law.
However, if you are over age 70 ½ and have retirement funds invested in an IRA, there is a way you can take advantage of the higher standard deduction and still receive a direct tax benefit for charitable contributions. This can be accomplished by using some of the funds in your IRA to make a Qualified Charitable Contribution (QCD) directly from to a qualified charity.
QCDs offer a number of advantages. First, QCDs can be counted toward satisfying your required minimum distribution (RMD) for the year, as long as certain rules are met. In addition, a QCD excludes the amount donated from taxable income, which is unlike regular withdrawals from an IRA. Keeping your taxable income lower also may reduce the impact to certain federal programs, including Social Security and Medicare. Finally, QCDs don't require you to itemize, which means you can take advantage of the higher standard deduction, but still use a QCD for charitable giving.
To take advantage of the benefits of a QCD to maximize the value of your charitable contributions, the QCD must conform to a number of requirements:

·          You must be at least 70½ years old, or have an inherited IRA from someone who
would have been at least 70 ½ years old.
·         The charitable organization must be a 501(c)(3) eligible to receive tax-deductible
contributions (like BCA).
·         The IRA account must be a traditional IRA, inherited IRA, or an inactive SEP /

If you meet these requirements, you can request your IRA custodian to issue a check directly to any charity you select. You can request as many checks as you want to as many charities as want, as long as the total amount of the checks doe not exceed your required minimum distribution (RMD) for the year. All QCDs must come out of the IRA by the RMD deadline, which is generally December 31 st each year.
Checks issued by your IRA custodian are easy to handle. You can either instruct the custodian to send the check directly to the designated charity, or the checks can be mailed to you for personal delivery.
Now is a great time to start planning for QCDs during the 2019 tax year. To learn more about QCDs, you can contact your tax advisor or IRA custodian. And please keep BCA and the BCA Endowment in mind when you plan your QCD strategy for 2019. 
Jim Hoff ( jhoff@tegnos.org ) is a BCS Board Member and a business consultant in Tubac, AZ
2017 Intern Leila Castro
During the summer of 2017 I participated in the summer internship program with Border Community Alliance. Throughout those six weeks I learned about the power and impact that bi-national collaboration has on bettering the lives of many. The internship sparked my interest to pursue a career in international affairs. As I set off to finish my last year of undergrad at the University of Arizona, I became a strong advocate for bi-national collaboration and became more involved in issues pertaining to Ambos Nogales through the means of research and community service.

I conducted a small-scale study researched the complex relationship between education and labor in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico. I was interested in learning how much of an impact the maquiladora industry has had on the higher education opportunities available in the city. I came to this research topic thanks to the Nogales Cross Border Tour in which they talk about the emerging middle class and how they are seeking new forms of employment and new opportunities. This research study further solidified my interest to pursue a degree that would allow me to work in the realm of international affairs. This past week I had the opportunity to present this research at the Society for Applied Anthropology Annual Conference that took place in Portland, Oregon.

This past fall, I began the process to apply for graduate school. I applied to programs related to international affairs, global studies and specialized programs like Latin American studies. I applied to a total of 11 programs across the nation and was accepted to 8. I have officially made the decision to further my higher education at the University of California, Santa Barbara with a Master of Arts in Global Studies. I am interested in doing further research on the complexities that arise from militarized borders, economic development in Mexico and the impact that a globalized economy has on towns like Ambos Nogales. I will begin school in the fall, but until then will continue to work in some capacity with BCA and look forward to helping with the internship program this summer. The internship solidified my personal and professional aspirations and I am sure it will do the same for the incoming cohort of interns. Click to make a donation to our Intern Program. Under campaign, select INTERNS.
Cecilia Quade BCA President
The fifth anniversary celebration of the Border Community Alliance took place two weeks ago. As the new president of the board, I was delighted to meet most of the original founding members of the board, as well as to hear the stories being told not only on the microphone but also around all of the tables during dinner. All present were happy to share their experiences with BCA and their alignment with the mission of bridging the border. The Loureiro family of Nogales, Sonora that run the migrant shelter were in attendance to help us celebrate along with Ricardo Santana, the Mexican consul general as well as Virginia Staab, the United States consul. My heart swelled with pride as I asked for all in attendance that have volunteered for BCA in any capacity from being on the board, helping with the Intern program from picking up interns at the airport to escorting them to the various activities, assisting in teaching a Borderlands Forum class, setting up chairs, hosting any event and fundraising. Nearly two thirds of the room stood up! This demonstrated to me that BCA is truly a volunteer, community not-for-profit organization with many in the area sharing our mission and vision bridging the border through education, collaboration and cultural exchange.
When I retired and became a snowbird in Rio Rico, I looked for an opportunity to give back to the community with an organization that shared my values. BCA found me after several cross border trips into Mexico. This organization really embodies the spirit of the Southwest as well as the open heart neighborly “we are all one” in our humanity spirit. As a retired registered nurse, I have always looked to care for our fellow human beings not just in body but also in spirit. BCA truly fits well with this philosophy as the anniversary celebration demonstrated. I look forward to meeting all of you again at one a BCA event in the near future.
Cecilia Quade
WELCOME, A.J. Hernandez!
The BCA Executive Committee has selected A.J. (Alicia) Hernandez as our new Administrative Assistant. With an extensive background in office administration, A.J. is an experienced staff person who will provide much needed support for BCA’s expanding operation. Her position is half-time. She will work in tandem with our Membership and Events Coordinator, Shauna Melvin. “As a bilingual speaker (Spanish-English), AJ will enable us to communicate better with our Mexican partners.”

Beginning April 8, our office will be open five mornings a week. Welcome, A.J. to our team! 
Jerry Haas, Executive Director
Learn the basics of one of most refreshing aspects of Mexican cuisine, aguas frescas. Colorful, fruity and bright, aguas frescas take the best flavors of fruits and turn them into a refreshing beverage perfect for cooling off in the heat of summer. 
This class will cover the following beverages: agua de pepino y limon (cucumber and lime), agua de papaya, agua de tamarindo (tamarind), agua de jamaica (hibiscus), and wild rice and pecan horchata. 
April 22, 2019 11:00-1:00
United Methodist Church of Green Valley
Suggested Donation $ 20.00
Register here- April 22
Gastronomic Tour
Coming Fall 2019
2 Spots open

Cross Border Tour Nogales
Coming Fall 2019

Here & Now Tour
1 spot open

Surprising Hermosillo
Coming Fall 2019
Beautiful Rio Sonora Tour
Coming Fall 2019

Let's Go to Spain

Madrid - Caceres - Merida, - Sevilla - Cadiz - Cordoba - Castilla La Mancha
Extremadura and Andalucia

May 27- June 8, 2019

All travelers on BCA tours to Nogales Mexico must have a valid (not expired) passport, passport card, Sentri or Global Entry card. All travelers on BCA tours to destinations beyond Nogales (e.g. Magdalena, Hermosillo, Rio Sonora, Kino Bay, Cananea, etc) must have a valid (not expired) passport.  (NOTE: passport cards, Sentri or Global entry cards are not accepted at the immigration checkpoint KM 21. Also note that regular or “enhanced” driver’s licenses [good for Canada] are not accepted at the US-Mexico Border.)
Tubac Office now open!

NEW Office Hours
Monday - Friday
9:00 am -12:00 pm.
Additional hours by appointment.
I-19 2221 E. Frontage Rd.
Bldg H Suite 201-202
PO Box 1863
Tubac, AZ 85646
Jerry: jndhaas@gmail.com