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The New Milford Public Library is closed until further notice and all programs have been cancelled due to COVID. New Milford residents can still access the library's e-collections: eaudiobooks, ebooks, emagazines and streaming.
New Milford Public Library will reopen outside book drops on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM starting Monday, July 6. The book drops will be located on Whittlesey Avenue. Patrons may choose to return items during these hours or hold onto their items until the library re-opens at a future date. All fines will be removed when the library re-opens. For questions, call the library 860-355-1191 x2.
New Milford Public Library will resume one-day-a-week pick up for requested items for New Milford library card holders only, starting Wednesday, July 8. Requests will be limited to 5 items per patron per week. Requests will be processed on Monday and Friday, and pick up will be available the following Wednesday, from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Patrons should call the library on arrival at the Main Street entrance and their items will be delivered to them outside. Patrons will not be permitted in the library at this time. Items that are not picked up on the Wednesday following patron notification will be returned to the library. No book returns will be accepted on Wednesdays, due to quarantine regulations. This is a trial run; days and times may change due to current conditions.
For more information, call the library at 860-355-1191 x2.
God Bless the USA  by Lee Greenwood is one of America’s most iconic songs. In this new cover, Greenwood is featured with Home Free and the Singing Sergeants. 
July 4, 2020. Fireworks are bound to be different this year so here’s the next best thing. Happy Independence Day!
Now you can tour famous museums without leaving the comfort of your own home.  Here are 12 that you can choose from. 
Forrest Gump is such a memorable movie. Tom Hanks as the title character was so believable. In this video, you will hear some little known facts about the movie, even what Jenny dies from.  
If you are in need of a new puzzle game, try this web site. You just might find a new  puzzle!
Puddles are the joy of every child. To splash, to jump, to just let go. Try it. Let yourself be a child again. Jump along with these little ones.
Some people have always been frightened of bridges. Of course, quite a few bridges can be rough experiences.
With some bridges, however, terror seems to be the only sensible response. Here, we look at 12 bridges that would turn anyone’s legs to jelly. Read on, but don’t look down.