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After Hillsborough declares the iconic Flinstone house a “public nuisance,” we felt obligated to chime in on the battle between what some consider an amazing tribute to whimsy, or an oozing eyesore, in our latest article .

What exactly constitutes a public nuisance is vague, but rent regulations are not. San Francisco rent and eviction control is the topic of our discussion April 10th at the Fort Mason. Reserve your seat here .

It's been said knowledge is power, but it's the application of that knowledge which is more powerful.
We will show you how to avail SF's rules to optimize your rental business and hone in on the greatest buying and selling opportunities.

Savvy owners and real estate agents will learn how to discover how to profit in San Francisco's regulatory regime by identifying opportunities to maximize rental income. Daniel will also review vacancy rules and under what conditions an owner may seek to vacate a rental unit.

Our friends at Fort Mason put together handy directions here . Look forward to seeing you then.
Astute rental property owners and real estate professionals see opportunities that others do not. Find them at Fort Mason.

On April 10, Daniel will be dissecting rent regulations to find hidden opportunities for landlords and real estate agents to maximize rental income, even in a city with ensconced tenant protections. 

Also on tap is short-term rentals, 1031 Exchanges, and more – reserve your seat here.  

Learn why Daniel's presentations at Fort Mason are creating buzz and filling a void for rental property owners. Read and listen to the article.
Yabba Dabba Don't lawsuit for the Flinstone house.
City officials are unimpressed with the bulbous, multicolored property dotted with dinosaurs, but the owner is fighting to keep Dino and Barney smiling. In this article, we set off to define “public nuisance” and offer our takes on the prehistoric house.

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