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In San Francisco, there has been much anticipation growing around the Community Opportunity to Purchase Act, a newly minted law that gives qualified nonprofits first dibs on multi-unit buildings for sale, but the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development has kicked the can down the road.

With many wrinkles to be ironed out, MOHCD conceded the ordinance is not enforceable until guidelines are issued on September 3. As aspiring sellers enter a holding pattern, we provide some background here .

Many of you can relate to the varying personas of tenants. In our article on the psychology of landlord-tenant relationships, we’ve identified five profiles of tenants and how to respond to each.
After some time has elapsed since a wildfire-inspired garage door bill has passed, owners and property managers are reminded that automatic garage doors cannot be installed unless they have a battery backup function designed to operate during an electrical outage

To stay compliant, we revert to our earlier blog on this subject.

We extend our thanks to our friends and members of Asian Real Estate Association of America for inviting us to a riveting discussion on San Francisco’s rent and eviction control rules - we condense our talking points in these PDF slides .

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San Francisco's Community Opportunity to Purchase Act (COPA)

Under the newly-minted Community Right to Purchase Act (COPA), qualified nonprofits providing affordable housing in San Francisco will be granted the right of first offer and right of first refusal on multi-unit buildings for sale
The psychology of landlord-tenant relationships

The political tenant. The silent tenant. The passive-aggressive tenant. The dysfunctional tenant, and the elusive perfect tenant. We survey these profiles here.
Wildfire-inspired garage door safety bill

After lives were tragically lost, a new law goes into effect mandating battery backups for garage doors.
Daniel has gone on the speaking circuit again

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It seems that lawmakers and regulators got together to usher in tenant protections, but no concerted effort was made to protect the rights of owners. That's the domain of Bornstein Law.