Spring/Summer 2018
BPAR has had a busy winter behind the scenes and has some exciting announcements!
Introducing: Our New Website
BPAR.org Redesigned
We are proud to officially unveil our newly designed website . Not only is our whole design revamped, but our website is now mobile-friendly. When you enter the website on your phone, you now have an on-the-go resource available anytime and anywhere. We'd like to thank Lucy Davis of MarketNext Communications for all her help in designing a truly beautiful and valuable resource! Read on to discover just some of our additions and enhancements...
A Fully Comprehensive Resource Center
It is BPAR's mission to support and provide resources to all those touched by adoption. The team is continuously searching for and finding new ways to reach those who need us . In BPAR's new website, you'll find an entire Post Adoption Resources Center available at your fingertips, with adoption-related resources ranging from our in-house clinical services, BPAR's own post-adoption tools, books, movies, and other helpful links. As you browse the website, what you see is just the start of the many resources to come. The team is working hard to build out these resources as one of their immediate goals for a greater impact.

Do you have any resources that you've found helpful? Any books, media, websites, or people that you want us to know about? Let us know!

Pages Curated Especially for You
One goal in redesigning the website was to create pages especially for YOU. This means adoptive or foster parents and their children , adult adoptees , teen adoptees and birth parents. BPAR understands that your needs vary depending on who you are, and hope these specific pages cater to those needs as appropriate.

You'll also notice a resource page especially for professionals working with post adoption. In an effort to build our network between professionals, we are providing a place where professionals can find helpful information regarding post adoption.
Introducing: Our Newest Team Members
Meet Lisa Coppola, M.Ed, LMHC, SEC
Lisa is our newest clinician at BPAR. As an adoptee, she understands the importance of this work and brings a wealth of knowledge in narrative therapy. As the demand for services continues to increase, we are pleased to welcome Lisa to the BPAR team and continue offering the important services to those who are touched by adoption.

Personal Stories:
We are excited to continue the "Stories" section of our website, with an added layer. Lisa will be administrating this section to showcase personal stories cultivated through narrative therapy.
Meet Michelle ( Seungmi) Lee
Michelle joined the BPAR team as our newest intern for the semester. Michelle is working towards her masters in Applied Developmental and Educational Psychology at Boston College and she is helping BPAR with research and analysis to improve funding, grant writing and resources, as well as improving the services that we provide. Michelle is from Korea and brings with her a passion in the field of post-adoption after   working as a translator for Korean adoptees who were either searching or reuniting with their birth parents.

Introducing: Summer Programs at BPAR
In addition to our regular monthly groups, we have some exciting additions to offer!
Children's & Teens Summer Workshops
This summer Boston Post Adoption Resources is happy to host two unique summer workshop programs: "Creating Roots" and "My Story My Way." Potential participants with a strong interest in visual arts and narrative story telling are strongly encouraged to enroll.

My Story My Way
The children's workshops will cover themes ranging from fantasy to emotional recognition, to identity development.  

Creating Roots
The teen workshops will explore topics of loss, mourning, identity development, collaboration, emotional regulation, communication and acceptance.

Current Groups
Visit our newly designed events calendar to view our current group offerings here.
Introducing: A 23andMe Journey
Caitlin's 23andMe Journey
Our clinical intern, Caitlin, has started her 23andMe journey as an international adult adoptee. She has been gracious enough to allow us to join her on this journey through written words and artistic processes. Follow along by reading through her continuing blog series.
Stay Tuned...
With the ever-growing popularity of 23andMe and ancestry .com, BPAR is developing supports and resources for those who are finding relatives through these products, as well as those who are being contacted by relatives they did not know about. We feel it is important to serve this specific need as it becomes more and more prevalent.
Introducing: Recognition for Our Book
AdoptiveFamilies' "Noteworthy Adoption Books Published in 2017"
We are pleased to announce that our book. Adoption Is a Lifelong Journey, as been selected as a noteworthy adoption book published in 2017!

Our book is also being sold globally as an e-book and in print to libraries. We are thrilled to see our resource reaching many areas of the world!

Introducing: One of Our Favorite Resources
Adoption Journeys
Adoption Journeys is an incredible resource. This organization offers a myriad of supports and resources, and time and again we are impressed by their dedication and responsiveness. Adoption Journeys offers support groups, in-home support, respite care, and school advocacy - just to name a few. Check out Adoption Journeys here.
BPAR relies on donations to fund efforts like our free initial phone consultation, growing our Resource Center, printing our book, and writing newsletters like this one.
Our fiscal year ends June 30th.

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