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Boston Recorder Society Newsletter
Our 67th Year
October 2021
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Amherst Early Music Online
October's weekend class schedule is here. On October 23-24, join City Recorder for a weekend of online classes and concerts, with recordings available for an additional week.

A Season of Chamber Music with John Tyson and Miyuki Tsurutani
Join John and Miyuki to play chamber music together online. Six classes in October through November, $90 or $20 per class. Advanced: Friday evenings. Works of Josquin, Ruffo, Festa. Practical experience in the Renaissance modal system through playing Psalms composed to demonstrate the character of each Mode. Intermediate: Wednesday evenings. Renaissance Songs, polyrhythmic Dances, Spanish Villancicos, Italian Frottole, and a few modern surprises. Contact John and Miyuki for dates and details: 617-460-4653, tysontsurutani@gmail.com

Tish Berlin's Online Classes
Several sessions on ensemble skills and Italian madrigals. Take one class or all. Details here.

Recorder lessons
Reach out to our list of local teachers, and explore this directory of online teachers from the American Recorder Society.

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