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Botanica Vivida
New paintings by Angus and Frank Balaam
Opening Reception next Friday, May 23 from 5-7


Angus   Arrangement of Six Tulips 

Ventana Fine Art is pleased to announce a two-person show featuring new works by Angus and Frank Balaam.  Each is known for a distinctive painting style and for fusing traditional and contemporary ideation.  Balaam amplifies realistic local color in lush depictions of forests, grasslands and coastal waters.  His deep textures and long-lens perspectives yield a dimensionality that rewards viewing from every angle.  Angus paints still lifes, interiors and landscapes in a subtly abstracted realism with Mondrianesque rectilinear sectioning, uplifting color design and exquisitely balanced compositions.  Balaam is originally from England;  Angus hails from Scotland and both now live in the American Southwest and West.  The opening reception is on Friday, May 23, from 5 to 7 p.m. and will be a great opportunity see their most recent works.   The show runs through June 11.

Balaam   Santa Fe Canyon Preserve - Through Aspens


Angus   Iris and Yellow Drape  


Balaam   Balaam's Wood -Reaching Out II  

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