Boughton Farm (produce); Carl Harp Nursery   (live plants, produce) ; Copley Hydroponics / Tupperware by Bethany (produce, Tupperware) ; Erica Hagen   (lifestyle blogger, Beautycounter consultant) ; Farmers / Daughter   (meat, cheese, produce, baked goods, jams and jellies) ; Happy Valley Soap  (handmade soaps, dishtowels, and more); Mamma G's Gourmet Caramel Corn   (flavored popcorn);   My Healthy Pet Treats   (homemade pet treats, paw balm, and more) ; Sugar Harvest Farm   (maple syrup, candied nuts, and more) ; Summit Releaf   (medical marijuana information) ; Thirty-One Gifts (purses, thermal totes, and more) ; Weitzel’s Whimseys Apiary & Gardens    (honey and related products)  and  Western Star Acres   (hanging baskets, produce)   and featuring in the  Loop Launch Booth: Lokais 4 you (bracelets and cookies)