Bounce builds community for chronically ill children and their families. 

A Letter From The CEO

In July we celebrate the independence of our amazing country. Independence, that great sense of freedom and ability to call our own shots. And, in America, the chance to grow up and be whatever we’re willing to work to become.   

As my daughter and I prepared for our backyard BBQ last weekend, I couldn’t help but think about what helps each of us claim our independence:

  • Love and support
  • Friends and family
  • Knowledge and skills
  • Confidence-building experiences
  • And a true sense of belonging 

The very things Bounce provides for the chronically ill children – and their families - we serve.  

Whether a volunteer, donor, or partner, you’re a vital part of Bounce and its growth. And Bounce members are equally important. Your support of each other, your feedback to Bounce and our donors, and your outreach to new potential members, is invaluable.

Individually and collectively, we are all contributing to the growing sense of independence across the Bounce community – and that’s worth celebrating!

With gratitude - 

Joan M. Steltmann, CEO 

Bounce Bash™ Updates!

This past Saturday, July 16, Bounce families enjoyed a live show of The Velveteen Rabbit at Marriott Theatre. This heartwarming show brought smiles to everyone's faces, kids and parents alike! Everyone had fun with a Q&A session with the cast and crew after the show, making the Bounce Bash™ even more special! Thank you to the Marriott Theatre for such a great time!

    The next Bounce Bash ™ is rollerskating at Orbit Skate Center next Sunday, July 24 from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. All guests will enjoy a delicious lunch of pizza, fun face painting and crafts, and lots of roller skating!

The entire rink has been reserved just for Bounce, and wheelchairs are allowed on the rink in place of skates — making sure that this a fun, inclusive event for all!
In case you missed it...

Bounce was featured on NBC 5 News in the Making a Difference segment! Joan Steltmann, CEO, raised awareness about, and support for, Bounce by sharing our mission, the need for Bounce, our programs and impact, and how viewers can help by donating to our newest program: Bounce it Forward™

And, it’s working!  We’re getting calls/emails – and we’ve had three sets of tickets donated! 

Thanks to our PR partner, Burson Marsteller, for helping secure this tremendous opportunity!  If you missed it, click here!  And, please share with friends and family to spread the word about Bounce.  

Bounce's Five Ways to Beat the July Heat!

Summer is a great time for fun, outdoor activities we can do only when it’s warm out (like swimming, riding bikes, camping and more). But in the middle of July, sometimes it’s impossible to beat the heat! We have compiled a small list of some fun, indoor, and temperature-friendly activities for all our Bounce families when there’s a lull in summer excitement. Take a look!

1) Get your child’s favorite fruit, juice, yogurt, etc. and blend it together to make a smoothie. Once it’s in a liquid form, pop it in a freezer with a stick to make a healthy, homemade popsicle!

2) Make a fort out of blankets, pillows, chairs — spend a day playing games inside your new playhouse.

3) Find some new crafts to try out! Check out these basic origami patterns and try them at home.

4) Create a board game tournament with a bracket and everything — the winner of the family gets a special prize! Bringing in extended family to make the competition bigger can make it even more fun.

5) You can even make breakfast exciting! Look at this fun, creative idea for making your meal a bit more interactive.

Bonus: Don't forget our Bounce Bash™ at Orbit Skate Center coming up!

Don't forget...

Our new Bounce it Forward™ Program allows individuals and organizations to donate tickets to sports, theater and other events which are then passed on to Bounce families.

Bounce Families: Available tickets are posted in our private Facebook group, so make sure you are registered and following this page for updates! 

Bounce Friends: To donate tickets, please email  We'll take care of the details while you look forward to hearing from the Bounce child and family about the fun they had using your tickets!

Bright Ideas at Bounce

Did you know you can support Bounce with your every day shopping?



Make a difference to a chronically ill child and their family while you knock things off your to-do list today!

Pssst! Save the date...

Another fun fundraiser brought to you by: 

Bounce Emerging Leaders Board 

Bounce Back at Joy District in Chicago

Friday, Sept. 9th

More details coming soon!

From simply surviving to truly thriving - until cures are found!