Bounce builds community for chronically ill children and their families. 

Happy Birthday Bounce!

Bounce celebrates its first birthday on June 19th!

To commemorate, we take a look back at our founding, celebrate our successes, and look ahead to an even greater impact in the coming year.

Bounce was founded when Joan Steltmann, CEO, realized there was a big problem.  As she heard from chronically ill children, their families, and the hospitals that treat them, there is a tremendous need for at-home and community based support, but no one to provide it.  And with once terminal conditions becoming chronic, thanks to amazing medical advances, and more and more healthcare delivery moving out of the hospital setting, this need is growing.

This critical gap in the healthcare system had to be filled; hence Bounce was born!

Bounce has quickly become an amazing group of people teaming together as one, and Joan is thrilled and thankful to be a part of that team.  If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes an amazing team to build the village called Bounce.  Among our key accomplishments in year one:

  • Launching three program offerings: Bounce Bash™ family adventures, Bounce Net™ online community and Bounce It Forward™ ticket sharing program,
  • Recruiting more than 50 volunteers who serve on our Board of Directors, our Emerging Leaders Board and behind the scenes at Bounce.
  • Partnering with 10 pediatric hospitals
  • Raising more than $400,000!

Families are connecting and supporting each other on Bounce Net™ every day and over 250 members have attended one of our seven Bounce Bash™ events.

As we look ahead to the coming year, we are excited about the pending launch of both Bounce Academy™: resilience building education for parents and kids, and Bounce Back Kits™: inspiration-in-a-box for families when they are shut in at home, as well as more rapid growth in all Bounce programs. 

You can make year two an even bigger success by telling everyone you know about Bounce.  Your outreach is sure to uncover additional kids and families to serve, and to boost our fundraising efforts. 

So let’s celebrate Bounce’s first birthday, all of the children and families we serve every day, and all those who have contributed to the Bounce village.

Bright Ideas at Bounce

Did you know you can support Bounce with your every day shopping? 

Make a difference to a chronically ill child and their family while you knock things off your to-do list today!

A Bounce Bash™ Success!

Thanks to Nickelodeon, Bounce kids and families were treated to a fantastic  Bounce Bash at  The SpongeBob Musical  on Sunday, June 12.

Everyone loved the show!  Some of our favorites were Paddy the Pirate, Squidward’s tap dancing and the bubbles! There were smiles everywhere!

This event served as a reminder of how important our  Bounce Bashes ™ are. They bring us all together for fun, silliness and time to simply enjoy the moment. 

A special thank you to Nickelodeon and to everyone who joined us — we hope to see you again at our next  Bounce Bash ™!
A Letter From The CEO

As we prepare to celebrate Father’s Day, a day that is also Bounce’s first birthday, I find myself pondering the idea of ‘foundations for growth.’ There is no question but that Bounce Dads provide just such a platform for their families. Whether the strong silent type, or the guy most likely to laugh at his own bad jokes, these men shoulder extraordinary burdens without complaint. They go the extra mile to give their kids a fighting chance and they work to be strong for everyone. 

As Bounce celebrates its first year, an exciting and amazing milestone, I’m taken by how many of these dads (and mom and kids) tell me just what a pillar of strength Bounce has become for them.  Bounce creates fun and something positive to focus on. It fosters friendships, and builds resilience for the entire family helping each member move from simply surviving to truly thriving – until cures are found.  

But only because of the amazing team of donors, partners and volunteers who have come together to a form the foundation for Bounce’s growth. What an honor to work with you, and for you, as we continue to build a foundation for growth for the kids and families we serve. I hope you will take a moment to celebrate with us – and here’s to many more!

With gratitude - 

Joan M. Steltmann, CEO 

Don't forget...

Our new Bounce it Forward™ Program allowing  individuals and organizations donate tickets to sports, theater and other events which are then passed on to Bounce families.

Bounce Families: Available tickets are posted in our private Facebook group, so make sure you are registered and following this page for updates! 

Bounce Friends: To donate tickets, please visit our website.  We'll take care of the details while you look forward to hearing from the Bounce child and family about the fun they had using your tickets!

Pssst! Save the date...

Mark your Calendar

 for another fun fundraiser brought to you by: 

Bounce Emerging Leaders Board 

Friday, Sept. 9th at Joy District in Chicago

Details coming soon!

From simply surviving to truly thriving - until cures are found!