With "Mighty Mike"
For youth 7-17 with an epilepsy/seizure disorder and other neurological disorders 

"Bounce Out The Stigma"

Born in Glendale, CA, Mike Simmel developed epilepsy at the age of two. He struggled as a youth and could not participate in "regular" activities due to his condition.  Mike was placed in special education gym class because of his slow motor skills.

At age seven, Mike outgrew his early "drop attacks"; his father gave him a basketball to develop his coordination. It worked and Mike dreamed BIG. Years later when he was at a basketball camp, he had his first major grand-mal attack in nearly ten years. The camp nearly, but unsuccessfully, tried to have him dismissed. That incident would change Mike forever.

Mike continued to have seizures and played basketball throughout high school and college. Eventually, he went on to play for the Harlem Wizards basketball team!

Mike makes it his mission to connect with kids and to "Bounce Out The Stigma" of epilepsy. Read more here
w/ "Mighty Mike"

Saturday, April 16, Sacramento, CA
Sunday, April 17, Atherton, CA
12:00 P.M. - 4:00 P.M.

  • Half-day basketball camp specifically tailored for youth 7-17 years old
  • Each child may invite a sibling/friend to enroll in camp.
  • Tuition $25--Scholarships Available (Acceptance after medical review)
  • Pediatric Neurologist and Medical Support on site. 
Mighty Mike Basketball and Tee-Shirt

Application Due Date:
Friday, April 8th

More Info? 415.677.4011

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