WATCH: Theresa Perform "You So Black" on Bounce TV
Like a star shooting through the blackest spaces of our galaxy, she captured our attention when she belted out her "You So Black" poem on Bounce TV. Bringing Louis Gossett Jr's feet to standing ovation and stirring T.I.'s soul in in his seat, so moved by her uplifting poem of blackness, Mama Doll called her and asked if she, Theresa Tha S.O.N.G.B.I.R.D., would join The Black Doll Affair family as an Honorary member AND represent as the Face of the 2019 Christmas Black Doll Giveaway Sleigh for Black Queens! She said Yes!
Official Doll Delivery Hashtag #yousoblackqueen

This is Mama Doll's official alert to hue. Look for Theresa's official announcement next week.

As Mama and her nationwide Ambassadoll team places the finishing touches on our annual Christmas season Black Doll deliveries, you're invited to be there as Mama Doll bestows the highest honor on a black woman - that of Honorary Black Doll!

Join Mama Doll for an intimate evening with Theresa Tha Songbird. At her show, "Tha 4 Birds", having accepting both invitation - to become an Honorary Black Doll and be the face of the 2019 Black Doll Giveaway Sleigh, on Thursday, September 19, Mama Doll will turn Theresa into an Honorary Black Doll!