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A Letter From The CEO

August marks the beginning of the end of summer.  ‘Back-to-school’ is a major transition for kids and parents alike, with a lot of ‘new’:

  • New backpacks and school supplies – always fun!
  • ‘New’ teachers – with fingers crossed for the ‘good one’.
  • ‘New’ bedtimes as we all adjust back to a school schedule – nobody’s favorite
  • New learning, new successes, and new setbacks – for moms/dads and kids too!  

As we get ready for school in our house, the excitement and trepidation are building. And I am reminded that transitions are times of change, which can be stressful, both for those going through it and for those supporting those going through it. 

Break the equation of “Back-to-School = Transition = Change = Stress” by adding Support.  

But how? 

  • Compare notes with others in the same situation
  • Draw strength and confidence from past successes
  • Prioritize and let the little things slide a bit – even if only temporarily
  • Identify helpful resources
  • Set up rewards and something fun to look forward to

Bounce is here to help with Bounce Bash™ family adventures that serve as great rewards and future fun on your family’s calendar.  Bounce Net™, our online community, is a great way to connect and give/get advice and help from other Bounce families.  Check out the Bounce Newsletter for fresh ideas and new resources – and watch for even more Bounce programs coming soon!

Wishing you peace in your transition back to school - 

Joan M. Steltmann, CEO 

Bounce Bash™ Updates

On August 8th, four Bounce families had the exciting opportunity to attend the Chicago Bears Training Camp as special guests of the Bears at a super fun Bounce Bash™

While watching the team practice at Olivet Nazarene College in Bourbonnais, families also participated in kid friendly activities and enjoyed a picnic lunch. They got to meet Staley Da Bear and George Halas McCaskey, Bear’s Chairman! It was an enjoyable day for all, and a great excuse to celebrate some Chicago pride.

A special thank you to the Chicago Bears’ community outreach team, Mr. McCaskey, and to the players who took the time to sign autographs at the end of practice. You truly helped us create a special day for Bounce!

Bounce families: Watch for an invitation for a waterpark Bounce Bash™ at the end of August!

For Bounce Families!
Bounce's Five Ways to Get Ready For Back to School

After a long summer of fun, it can be hard to transition back to school for both parents and children. Here are some of Bounce’s tips for making that transition easier!

1) Late bedtimes and lazy mornings come to a halt mid-August. A good way to transition your child is to begin an earlier bed time and wake up call each day until school starts, eventually making that wake up painless!

2) Check out some online games to get your student ready and “in the zone” for school. Sites like are fun and free!

3) Give your child something to be excited about with school — whether that’s fresh new school supplies or the excitement of getting to decorate a locker for the first time.

4) If your student is transitioning into junior high or high school, there can be a lot of anxiety about finding classrooms. Find out if your school offers tours or opens their doors before school so you and your child can find things together and reduce stress on the first day. A great resource for this can also be older siblings or family friends!

5) If your child is special needs, they will likely have a different structure to their day than the rest of the classroom. Make sure to organize all the details of their day to help you and your child feel more prepared! Here are some more tips for parents of special needs children on this transition.

Do you have some tips of your own? Share with your fellow Bounce families in the Bounce Net!

 A Boost from Bounce
Bounce is introducing a new addition to our monthly newsletter. We will pick our new favorite quote every month, with hope that it inspires smiles and positivity.

"Peace: It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart."  
Have Fun & Help Bounce Grow

Another fun fundraiser brought to you by: Bounce Emerging Leaders Board 

Bounce Back with Joy!

- a cocktail party benefiting Bounce kids & families

Friday, Sept. 9th

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

 Joy District in Chicago

Click here to register

Don't forget...

Our Bounce it Forward™ Program allows individuals and organizations to donate tickets to sports, theater and other events which are then passed on to Bounce families.

Bounce Families: Available tickets are posted in our private Facebook group, so make sure you are registered and following this page for updates! 

Bounce Friends: To donate tickets, please email  We'll take care of the details while you look forward to hearing from the Bounce child and family about the fun they had using your tickets!

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