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November 2022

Joanne and I each wrote a feature this month. Hers is a timely piece that many people will likely find useful heading into Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday season, while mine is about a college buddy's accidental death and what some reactions to his passing say about how we view morbidity and mortality.

Also, check out Joanne's new guest appearance on the Food and Thriving podcast, the link for which is at the bottom of this newsletter under Practice News as well as here for easy access.




Boundary Phrases for the Holidays

While boundary phrases can be used in many different situations and for many different reasons, I think having some that are specific to weight/food/diet comments at the ready could help my patients feel more confident at holiday gatherings. Read More


Blaming the Victim

We live in a world in which someone can do everything right and still have things go very, very wrong, which is horrifying, and we attempt to shield ourselves from this fear by assuming that victims brought their fates upon themselves. Read More

Practice News

Joanne recently joined Meg McCabe on her Full and Thriving podcast to discuss body neutrality and food freedom in the home. Listen Here

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