Webster’s definition of the word boldness is as follows; not hesitating or fearful. To be courageous and daring. The quality of having a strong, clear, vivid idea of your purpose and to be able to move forward with courage to meet that goal.

On January 1 st I assumed the role of Director of Women’s Ministries. On January 7 th I sat for the first time in a chair that had been occupied by several. On the wall in the women’s ministries office hang the pictures of former directors. As I looked at their faces I felt humbled and slightly overwhelmed. I have some very big shoes to fill. But then the word boldness came to mind and I thought about the definition of the word. Each of the women whose face I was looking at had stepped out in boldness in one way of another and the most beautiful part of the whole story is that they had a multitude of women who stepped out in boldness right alongside them. 

My husband Sid has something that he has said to me for our entire marriage. He will walk into the room and ask if I want to go with him. When I ask where, he will repeat do you want to go with me? It doesn’t matter how many times I ask the answer is always the same. Then he will say…If you want to go with me it shouldn’t matter where I am going. Over the past 46 years of marriage I have taken some very interesting trips. Some good and some not so exciting. The response however was always the same. I didn’t want to miss the experience and I loved him too much to not go. Isn’t our walk with Jesus kind of like this illustration? Jesus calls but we want to know where before we accept.

This year will be a pivotal one for Women’s Ministries. We are stepping out boldly not hesitating or fearful .  Our mission has not changed. The calling is clear. Let’s begin the new year with a determination and boldness that we have never felt before. No hesitation, no fear just faith in our Father to guide us along the way. One thing that we can be sure of is that to those He calls, He equips. I would sure hate for you to miss the trip.

“Do you want to go?” 
Be part of Women’s Ministries as we embark on this wonderful journey.

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