Volume 42 | January 28, 2019
Bovine Tuberculosis, Transmittable to Humans, Found in Southeast North Dakota Beef Herd
State veterinarians are investigating a beef cattle herd in southeast North Dakota after a first-of-its-kind strain of bovine tuberculosis in the United States was identified in seven of the animals.
Late last year, State Veterinarian Susan Keller said two older beef cows from the herd tested positive for the disease after lesions were found on them at slaughter plants in South Dakota and Minnesota.

The testing was confirmed by the National Veterinary Services Laboratory in Ames, Iowa.

Keller said the quarantined herd was later tested by state and federal veterinarians and five additional cows were confirmed to be affected. She said additional testing is ongoing, as well as tracing the history of the cattle herd.

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In the News
New Test Diagnoses Prion Diseases in Skin Sample
Identifying prions in samples from live animals could detect exposure to transmissible spongiform encephalopathies, such as BSE, in the early preclinical stage.

Influenza Season Requires Precaution in Handling Pigs
Winter has arrived and with it some particular disease concerns, both in the pig barn and with the caretakers. In swine, the "Big Four" diseases are PRRS (Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome), Mycoplasma pneumonia, Porcine Circovirus (PCV) and Swine Influenza Virus (SIV).
Swine Influenza Virus can be simply referred to as the flu, but there's nothing simple about it in the herd.

Substantial Progress Reported in 2018 Efforts to Fight Swine Disease
The SHIC reports substantial progress was made during the past year in the development of strategies to combat the spread of swine diseases.
In its January newsletter, the Swine Health Information Center outlines progress in the work it conducted on behalf of the US swine sector during 2018.

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WLIC Trivia
How many states offer advanced education in cheesemaking?

A) 1
B) 4
C) 11
D) 16
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