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Bowling for Buddies is this weekend!

Ready to get your bowl on and knock down some pins in support of shelter dogs?!

The event is this Saturday, Oct. 30, from 1:30-4 p.m. at Land Park Lanes, 5850 Freeport Blvd., Sacramento!

✅ Have some spooky fun and rack up those strikes with awesome folks!
✅ Support SSPA’s life-saving programs for shelter dogs!
✅ Take part in a raffle and costume contest!

What could be better?!

Scroll through this post to see a few of the raffle prizes!

The dogs really need your support, so please share and get your friends to join!
Stockton Animal Shelter is still in crisis mode. We need your help to save lives!

All kennels are full, including intake - and we need fosters to take dogs in immediately to alleviate overcrowding and make the difference! There's no time to wait; the dogs need you now.

Email us ASAP if you can foster a large-breed dog:

We test the dogs with other large-breed dogs to help match you and make the best placements. (We cannot safely test our large dogs with kids, along with cats or small dogs.)

You can check out available dogs at

Can’t get to the shelter? We will deliver your foster dog to you! Don’t let that hinder you!

Please don't wait; contact us now and save a life!

And please spread the word!
Fostering Truly Saves Lives
Sarabi’s one of the lucky pups who has landed in an SSPA foster home!

These two photos of Sarabi - one terrified in a kennel at the shelter, the other happy as can be in foster - demonstrate how much our fosters mean to our dogs!

You can also see the difference being in a temporary foster home made for Oreo in this video. (He really needs to get out of the shelter and back into foster!)

You are truly life-savers, and getting out of the shelter and into a home can make all the difference for these adorable dogs! It also opens up kennel space for more dogs in need!

Watching a dog de-stress and come out of its shell in your home is one of the most rewarding experiences!

Sign up to join our life-saving foster team today!
Happy Tails
Charlie (tan and white) is living his best life in fospice!

This precious boy's sweetness and zest for life captured all of our hearts at the shelter.

A mass was found on his heart, so Charlie needed an amazing person to let him live out his best life with them for however many years he has left!

His fospice mom Laura was that person. She said in her application in June, "The reason Charlie caught my attention is because I don’t think a dog that is at the end of his life should have to spend his remaining time left in a shelter. I just felt like if I could try to make his last year comfortable and happy, then it's worth a shot."

Amazing, right?!

Laura says, "He is doing great!"

Music to our ears!

Thank you, Laura, for being such an amazing person and giving Charlie a loving home!
Catalina (formerly Butterscotch) is thriving with her family.

Her adopters Bekah and Rob say, "Butterscotch (now Catalina) continues to be a dream. We've made huge strides on potty training and she is the best snuggle bug. She's gone into my office twice and has charmed the socks off of even some notable curmudgeons. Thank you for this fun-sized bundle of joy!"

We're so happy for this sweet girl and her amazing family!
Daphne, a former SSPA foster puppy, is growing up in her loving forever home!

Adopter Melisa checked in with Daphne's former foster Kalin, saying, "Daphne's living her best life! She’s as sweet as she looks!"

She looks stunning and as comfy as can be - just as it should be!

Congratulations, Daphne, for finding such a great family, and thank you, Melisa, for adopting!
Don’t forget: If you adopted through SSPA, we offer post-adoption counseling to help with your new dog’s transition into your home! Email! You can send "Happy Tails" updates there as well!
Adoptable Dogs
These are just some of our incredible adoptable dogs! To view all adoptable dogs, visit or!
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